All right I’m doing it. I am going to buy Charlie’s book Training for Speed. Here’s the catch…I can’t find it. Barnes and Noble doesn’t have it, Borders doesn’t have it, Amazon is out and I can’t find it. Amazon is usually cheap too. They had it for 20 dollars, brand new. I have found one other place to buy it, but it is 35 dollars plus shipping and it is an international shipment so…NO.

Does anyone know where I can get the book and where might be the cheapest? I am definitely getting the book, though, somehow, someway.

Baby steps for 400Stud!!!

Do you guys also know where I might be able to find the Tudor Bompa book Periodization of Strength? Another book I want but I can’t find.

Thanks for the help.

Do a search for OZTRACK, I believe they are selling a hard copy of Training for Speed.
I thought that there was going to be a new hardcopy release of CFTS (Rupert?), for which I am holding out. I don’t have a laptop, so I can’t take the e-book to bed with me.
You may want to check out as they may have used hardcopies has got some hard copies of Speed Trap for UK users.

E-bay! The cheeky buggers!