CFTS - Mark Mcoy Weight Training Routine

In chapter 4 of the CFTS manual, which pertains to strength training, an example of the individual athletes strength training program is displayed.

In particular, Mark Mckoy training schedule is delineated as such:

MON WED FRI AM - Upper body

MON WED FRI PM - Lower Body

My question is, would it be possible to train in this manner as I like the idea of splitting up the weight training workload over twice a day, hence shortening training sessions and where would you fit in the speed and tempo work?

Upper Am
Speed+lower Pm

Yes exactly.
Also - tempo = Tue, Thurs, Sat

And - RB, your PM box was full last wk

Should be good now…

Upper a.m.

Speed/Lower p.m.

Is this the way Charlie set it up? What about…

Speed/Upper a.m.

Lower p.m.

Seems more consistent with CF, doing the speed work first before any weights. Also allows a bit of recovery between speed and lower.

Not really my friend - your method sounds awful to me… Couple reasons to do upper body in Am 1: prime the nervous system for the pm speed session 2: athlete should be up and moving around at least 3-4hrs before attempting speed work. Now all of this means jack shit if you are doing those crazy powerlifting workouts.

Also your setup would hinder the athletes ability to recovery - they would be performing two intensive sessions per day vs 1 easy/mod and 1 intensive… Take note that lb training is more intensive then ub work…

All depends on whether you’re a morning person or a night owl.