CFTFS Manual - Angela's Diary

Charlie, in Angela’s diary she mentions a session of 12x60m in times of something like 6.9-7.1. Please could you elaborate on this session e.g. is it speed endurance, was it one set, split into sets, short recovery etc.


Yes, a session like that is Spee End, split into 3 sets of 4 x 60. These runs are from a standing start, first motion, so from blocks would be likely 7.40 to 7.60e speed, so breaks would likely be 7.5min with 15- 20min bt sets for her (best time 7.08)


I had always wondered about the extensive use of calcium and then later I noticed the introduction of Vit. C. What did you observe that encouraged the use of these supplements? Also, why the varied doses? (i.e., slightly lower doses after comp.)



Thanks, I found Angela’s diary very useful, in that, at peak, our performance levels are very similar, so her training times give me something to aim for. As Angela did 200m indoors, I assume you did speed endurance in the winter, and then special endurance in the summer for her.

Angela did 200s indors only till 1981 due to bad local tracks and the inability to guarantee a decent lane through results (she broke the World Record in the Nat semi-final and they stuck her in lane one, where no-one can perform decently and injury risk is high). That was the last straw for that!
Re Calcium, she was using it to regulate muscle tension, though today I’d use ZMA, which is calcium sparing and achieves the objectives and more

Thanks Charlie, that cleared things up…


Charlie, that’s interesting re. calcium as one of my athletes suffered from persistent quad tightness until starting on calcium (800mg daily).

The calcium is taken at lunchtime and ZMA is taken before bed to avoid any issues re. absorption.

Do you think the calcium is surplus to requirements?

Use the PM ZMA routinely and then try 1GM of calcium if there s a tightness issue that is not relieved by massage alone (for short periods only)