CF's hamstring training/rehab thread?

It could be that it was on the old forum but I was looking for CF’s (via Mach) progressive ham rehab/training including starting with very short accelerations and racing at longer distances like the 200 to limit top speed. H.S. Freshman girl recently ran 12.3ht and at end of 200(25.8ht)pulled though it isn’t extremely serious(as pulls go that is)-in first outdoor meet at about 45 degree temp. My first athlete to pull in eleven seasons, I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Any advice?

there was an extensive discussion before. Can anyone post the link?

yes can someone please post a link for that

I don’t have the link but saved an excerpt from it, with the protocls for return, upper body weights & EMS, which I can scan and email.

I will mail it to you tomorrow.

Anyone else want it please post email address.



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Yes, that is a real email address :slight_smile: Thanks!


Or we could just use the search option …


This could get out of hand! I found the excerpts from the thread - not sure if still up-and-running. Here it is [email service ahs been CANCELLED! :-)]:

Charlie Protocol for when Injured

“Where are you and what therapy are you getting? You need to get this quad sorted out right away!
Hard to say what lower body work to do without a diagnosis on the quad. Work the upper body weights with a push/pull split 4x/wk (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)and depletion push-ups 2 x/wk (Wed, Sat) for stimulation and use EMS on the hams, gluts, Erector Spinae, and abs (be careful with your selection of sit-ups till you know if it might be a problem).
You can use high intensity EMS daily, as it bypasses the CNS. Protocols for the EMS and the depletion push-ups are in the archives. Do this for 1 week and re-adjust after your diagnosis. Good luck!” (Francis, 2003)

Injury Return Protocols

“I cover some of this in the CF training manual. Start with 3 days total rest. (If you had just strained a few hours ago, I’d get you to run your hand over the area to see if there is/was a slight deficit- which would indicate a more serious 3rd degree strain. Such a deficit would rapidly fill with blood and wouldn’t be palpable within a few hours.) At this point, the main guideline is the severity of the pain at the time and whether bruising has appeared. Fortunately, you have two weeks to recover- the minimum time is 10days. On the fourth day (with the affected leg in a tensor), start one leg drills raising the healthy leg only. Depending on the level of recovery by day 5, you might be able to start with some easy 10 m accels. For these drills, always stand on the mark and accel only to the designated mark, to ensure that you don’t over-extend the affected muscle, with a walk back recovery. Start with 2 to 3 sets of 10 x 10 m accels, and advance the distance by 2m increments, as able. This is only a rough guideline and should be supervised by a qualified therapist. Where do you live? Maybe there’s a therapist we know near you.” (Francis, 2003)

I did use the search option… If you don’t put in just the right word in a search(I did put in hamstring) you sometimes don’t get exactly what you are looking for.

What is a tensor? Is it like a straight leg brace?

“A muscle that stretches or tightens a body part”.