CF and Crew HELP!!

My progress took a minor set back today, I was on pace to set a huge PR after running well in prelims but I caught major cramps in both of my calf muscles in warm-up for finals and suffered a left hamstring injury which felt like a cramp at the very end of the 55m. I think the injury happen because of dehydration and cramps in both of my calf muscles that caused my tech to break down towards the end of my race. I have three meets reminding for this indoor season and I’m wondering would it be possible to return strong for the last two meets.

Next 3 days I’m planning on resting, ice and upper body work starting on Monday:

Sat: day of injury
Day 1: Sun: ice/ems
Day 2: Mon: push weights/ice/ems
Day 3: Tue: pull weights/ice/ems
Day 4: Wed: depletion pushups/bike/lite-bw lower movements-weights/stretching and foam roll
Day 5: Thur: push weights/lite tempo
Day 6: Fri: pull weights/lower weights
Day 7: Sat: ems/Massage session
Day 8: Sun: rest
Day 9: Mon:ACC: 3x10 face down/3x15 pushup start/3x15 falling/2x30 3pt/TB weights
Day 10: Tue: tempo
Day 11: Wed: Speed: 4x20 blks/1x60 or 1x70 30-30 or 30-40
Day 12: Thur: rest
Day 13: Fri: neural session: 3x20 blks/hurdle hops 2x5
Day 14: Sat: race

Is day 7 too early for massage work?

Next time, try the: “drink a pissload of water” theory a couple hours before your race. it’s hard to plan exact training around injuries. kinda have to see how it goes.

tight calves are bad from hammies. try foam rolling the calves in the future if they’re tight (using the other leg to push down on top of the leg being rolled to get enough pressure)

on hot days I will pop a magnesium pill. I used to cramp up a lot but never since I have been doing this…

another good idea. make sure it’s something decently absorbable (not oxide)

Agree with the others about hydration, but you can’t go back. I’d cut the track work to nothing but tempo for 10 days then rejoin your schedule. I’d also cut lower weights, particularly if there’s anything like DL involved.

There’s a whole thing out there called the “Zatopec Effect,” which is the tendency of athletes to run WRs after a (short) period of forced rest due to injury. So don’t go into races expecting to be slower. Think of it as an unplanned taper.

The rehab schedule is only tentative if there is pain or stiffness I will pull things back.

I will give this a try next time, my mouth has been dry for the last 3-4 days and urine yellowish; add that with my pre meet cocktail and I was asking for trouble.

My right calf is so sore from the cramps!

Sounds very similar to my rehab plan last season, I didn’t do any speed work until day 9 and was ready to race by day 14.

You wouldn’t include any light deep squats to ensure hamstring length returns to normal etc?

Last year I was able to return to normal squatting workouts by day 6.

I hope the "“Zatopec Effect” works for me, last year when I returned it took one meet to shake off the rust then I PR the following week.

Just completed day 5 of my rehab program and all seems to be on schedule, I should return to my normal squat workouts tomm (day 5)…

What supps are you taking?

Started taking protein about 4 weeks ago but thats it.

I’d add ZMA at night to your regime. Helps alot with muscle relaxation.

Day 6:
3 - ems sessions 20mins per
bike 10mins
side throws 3x10
russ twist 3x25
pc 10x1x185
squats 2x2x365
rdl/chinups 3x5x185/3x10
hypers/db row/ecc calf raises 3x6x20/3x6/3x5

Still some pain in my lower hamstring tendon area, the lifting went well, no pain on the squats but the hammy felt funny for the first couple sets of cleans.

I have a massage session tomm with rest/rehab days on sat and sun. I pray that the hammy allows me to run next saturday!!!

Charlie, how do you feel about racing during this recovery? He had some damage to his hamstring, and now he seems to have some additional soreness after the weight workout.

Any thoughts on how RB34 can best have a chance to race next weekend?

lkh, the strength training session didn’t cause any additional sorness. We will see how things go the next 48hrs…

Charlie is there a reason behind lower hamstring tendon injuries and what is the recovery time compare to a upper hamstring injury?

EMS session 20mins
60mins deep tissue massage on left hamstring
standing leg curls 2-3x10
glut ham on lat pd machine 2x5

I just got done with the massage, my overall ROM and hamstring/quad strength is great. I have soreness around the lower tendon area, I know I have gotten better because I am during things I couldnt do last week; but this tendon thing is making me scared.

Often lower ham tendon irritation can come from a low hip position which causes you to land too far ahead of the C/M and/or shoving out the back too much. What kind of weight do you use for the ham curls? BTW alway get deep tissue work on both sides- you never know what’s lurking just below the threshold on the other side as well.

Thanks, I am going back on tuesday or wednesday for a total body. I used very light weight for the ham curls more as a warmup for the glut ham curls.


Sun: Day 8
Ems session 20mins
Ems session 30mins
Lots of heat treatments today

The hamstring felt a little better today, I am approaching this week as if I am going to race on Saturday. I won’t attempt my first speed workout until Wednesday so the next couple days will be 10m runs, jumps, weights, and tempo work.