Carlo Buzzichelli Interview

excellent stuff, thanks for that

Carlo is a close associate of mine. I encourage all to review his work.

Some great stuff. Carlo seems likes great guy.

Confirms what some of us have stated about the percentage range for getting stronger and why.

Off topic - when teaching single leg movements - lunges etc - do you guys teach the front knee to come slightly in front of the toes? I know this was a no-no years ago but I hear more coaches teaching it this way now days.

RB -Poliquin do so, and therefore more and more will do so…

The recrutment of the vmo might be more intense, but like everything (like full squat for example for an athlete that have gone 90degree his entire life) this change should come progressively and from accumulation phase and GPP.

For those who had vmo problems in the past that should also come with therapy like ART etc.

I’m not a huge fan, If applied for my point of view, must be considered to be an isolation/accentuation at the end of the training or after exercises like squats.

TKE might be more safe way to reach that goal IMO with less risk or simply normal reverse lunges sooner in the training. When I was doing reverse lunges(normal technique) with more than 400pounds never had a vmo problem…

When he talks about depth jumps and says the amortization phase should be controlled, does that mean “not rushed” as in a short contact time isn’t that important?

Are you really a strength coach RB34? Because your questions/ideas are what something who is just entering the field would have. Knees not going past the toes was never more than a bullshit Internet fad. But all you seem to know is Internet bullshit. I’m terrified to think someone actually gave you a job coaching athletes with as little as you know about anything.

I think we are here to help each other…not to fight against each others

please show some respect

Correct. The performance of depth jumps/shock method has been mistakenly intermingled with the western term plyometrics (coined by Wilt). While I’m sure Wilt’s intentions were good (as he was an acquaintance/associate of Verkhoshansky’s to some degree) he really mislead the industry by coming up with the term plyometrics and the industry hasn’t done any better by summing up all jump training into the category of plyometrics.

The abrupt/intensive demand placed upon the stretch shortening cycle, during depth jumps, makes it necessary to control the coupling/amortization phase in order to maximize the rebound effort; which would otherwise be compromised if the athlete were to focus on minimizing it.

Is Carlo still a member on this site? He use to be in old days.

Not gonna spend much time with you tonight, I did spend time speaking with Coach Kennedy from Texas A&M - maybe you should tell him to start teaching his athletes to lunge with 315lbs+ using the above tech. I’ll stick with my internet training methods while bringing in straight cash homey. Goodluck selling cheap ebooks - come harder next time… Goodnite!!