Carl Lewis

Charlie or anyone else, what knowledge do you have in regards to Lewis’ strength levels in the 80’s or what percentage of his training program was comprised of strength training?

i have read his book and i think it was a lot of stadium stairs and body weight stuff

From what I know he did very little strength training with weights apart from one particular year, funnily he regarded his performances as very poor that year.

X-man though should be able to provide more details.

Apparently lewis never did weights - just a lot of swiss ball, plyo, body weight work in the 80’s.
He did do weights leading into atlanta though.

Anyone know what kind of speework he did, or special endurance?

i have posted numerous SMTC workouts over the past few years and should be in the archives.carl lewis’ strenght levels in the gym were not great compared to most sprinters.i think embarassment was the name for his levels.


Unfortunately I don’t think they are in the archives. At least I could not find them anywhere.

It would be interesting to see the SMTC workouts. I have been unable to find many. Would it be possible for you to e-mail them directly if you don’t want to post again?


Yes, please post or send a private message, I am very interested to see what SMTC did.

me too please

scroll down to the last post, there is an interesting bit about Santa Monica training.

click on X-Man beside the picture of carl lewis.go into my settings and look at threads started by will see SMTC/UH workout programmes.this should answer some of you questions

Thanks X-Man. What I was looking for.