Carl Lewis - One More Victory Lap

I recently found a copy of this. Some very interesting tid bits:

[li]Tellez dropping weight training in the spring.
[/li][li]Carl believing a good 300m time trail will translate into a strong last 20m of a 100m.
[/li][li]Being a vegan
[/li][li]Using Thyroid drugs?!!
Anyone else read it?

just because being a vegan worked for him, doesnt mean it’ll work for everyone.

anyone know if he tooks protein supps?
and any of his lifting numbers?

What were ther thyroid drugs used for? to stay lean?

LOL, I can’t wait to see the reaction this book gets on a Ben Johnson website. Imagine posting Speed Trap on

Hmm Charlie quotes ‘Inside Track’ in Speed Trap…

I’m no Lewis fan but let’s be objective, he’s the greatest Olympian in history and one of the 3 best 100m men. My real question is, how was he able to get to such a level with a program which, from the outside, looks pretty unscientific and certainly differs from the ‘speed weights tempo’ and short to long format advocated here. (and by me!)

I’m additionally interested as to why he openly admits to taking medication that, from what I can see, is banned?

Yah Im sure Charlie just loves Carl. Going by this website you would think the only reputable thing is what gets printed in Speed Trap or TFS. Go head make ur snappy comeback, I’ll still be right. Good day.

I’m reading that book at the moment. Lewis says early on in it that he lifted in 1986 whioch was probably his worst year up to date, and that put him off lifting. He also mentions before his firt indoor run, they dropped the weight and increased the reps in the weughts room, which he found to be a mistake as it made him sore. That seemed like a fairly naive mistake to me for an experienced athlete. From what I gather, when you start heading into hypertrophy, more calcium leakage occurs. I may be wrong however???

Are they banned?? What year/ish did they get banned around?
I know of people, non athletes who Have to take it, either over or under-active thyroid.

They are not banned. Used for underactive thyroid or disease relating to that.

Hey! did I say anything here??

1-TT wasn’t a real advocate of weight training and would rather work on technique etc but from what i seen they have all continued weights way into the outdoors,except for carl which did more plyo’s if he could.

2-the reason why carl believed in the 300 is because they would do a workout called “breakdowns” which they did all year the winter it would be 800/600/400 then would eventually taper down to a 300/200/100 in the outdoor season.when you eventually got dwon to the 3/2/1 it would seem like piece of cake due to the less volume thus leading to faster movements and less stress on the mind also!!

3-being a vegan…can’t really comment on this but one thing i can say is that i have never ever seen an athlete as lean as carl lewis and i was clearly shocked the first time i seen him years ago in the flesh and to run alongside him was and will always be unforgetable!

4-throid drugs…never heard of this and will not comment or even mention this issue on this site PERIOD!

You must be pretty damn fast!