Capable of 10.2/21.9?

Hey I have a question. My best 100 was 10.7, and my best 200 was 23.4 as a freshman last year. Should I be able to pr at 10.2, and 21.9 at least next year? If I can, what competitions should I go to, and how should I be training?

10.7-10.2 23-21
those kind of drops in time within one year dont happen often unless ur taking something illegal or just been training very bad, and you change it. I wouldnt shoot for 10.2 i would shoot for 10.5 or 10.4 and go from there. The 200 meter time is feasable, with good speed endurance you can get to that but the 100 is a whole nother beast. i suggest your order charlies books and read them and learn.

sprinter87 ,post what you have done so far.

How are you running those splits?? Sounds like yard time differentials. 10.2 should give a 200m time of from 20.2 to 20.8. Please explain.

Charlie - He ran 10.7 which should give him a time in the high 21’s, low 22’s.

But, I think, since he’s a soph. right now, that he should shoot for those times as a Jr. or Sr. The 200m may happen because of his 100m speed, but the 100m time will need some serious work and effort & time to get that. But, I say you’ll be one of the best in HS Jr. and Sr. year if you keep working at it.