can't find Zoom Superfly 65

I want to order Nike’s spikes Zoom Superfly 65, but they’re out of stock on their web site. Anyone know another reliabe source where I can order them? They’re actually for a teammate in Greece, so I dont’ want to send her a phony pair or something…

I think you meant “G5”, anyway here you go.

*Select Track and Field on the Left side on Option 3

Yes, sorry I meant Zoom Superfly G5
I need women’s sizes though…

Most spikes are unisex. You just need to convert the sizes.

EXACTLY, what Mj said. Very few spikes are womens. Usually a size and a half is what the differnence is in the U.S.

So a womens 9 equals a 7.5 in mens or unisex.

I must be feeling nice because of the holidays.

Male/female sizing
Women’s shoes are made on a narrower last (the foot-shaped form used in making shoes) than men’s (B width is average). In addition, the heel on a woman’s shoe is narrower than the forefoot width. Men’s shoes have the same width at the forefoot and heel (D width is average). Women can wear men’s shoes by converting their size to men’s by subtracting 1.5 from their numeric size. For example, if you are a size 8 in women’s, you would subtract 1.5 from that and try a 6.5 in men’s sizes. This is a loose conversion and doesn’t change the difference in width and forefoot-to-heel ratios.

Size Conversion Chart

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Good info.

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