canada - East v West

Is the track competition better on the east or west coast of canada, referring to athletes, clubs and coaches…any locals got any thoughts??

Well I lived and competed on the east coast for the early 90’s. The best east coast guys at the time (I was in the top three for a few years for 100/200 in the atlantic region) were in the 10.7-11.2 FAT range and 21.8-22.8 FAT 200

Those times are mediorce in Ontario.

Alberta had a couple of great sprinters. 10.40’s and 20.8 or so.

BC had some good athletes back then as well.

From what I have seen Ontario is the powerhouse.


The west seems to have done pretty well in the 400 in recent years with Shane Niemi and Tyler Christopher. At this year’s nationals all the 100 finalists were from the Quebec-Windsor Corridor.