Can you reach your full sprinting potential by just sprinting and lifting?

Question, can an athlete reach their full potential in speed or very close to it by just running on a track and then lifting weights? I’m talking about a very minimalist approach, practicing the very task you are trying to get better at and lifting some weights to build basic strength. No sleds, no hills, no fancy gadgets or the latest supposed sprinting programs. I’m asking this for a friend who is trying to get faster for his sport, and he doesn’t have a lot of free time due to full time job and family responsibilities, and he has no access to a weight sled and there are no hills nearby.

Jquick, you have asked a question with a substantially large amount of possible answers beginning with “it depends…”. I’d encourage you to advise your friend to take the time to have a look at this free forum (and it’s thousands upon thousands of posts). I’m unaware of a free sprint training resource that is more comprehensive than this.

I will tell him that. I’m wondering if one can make vast improvements in sprinting by just sprinting alone based on the specificity rule in training, and not do a ton of things like form drills, med ball work, hills, sleds. Similar to how some powerlifters only train the big three and do very little to no assistance work.

…and again, the answer is “it depends…”. For some yes, for others no. For reasons for or against: search the thousands upon thousands of responses already listed in the forum.

A forum is a microcosm of the internet. The internet represents nearly the whole of human knowledge. The limiting factor on the internet, same as on a forum such as this one that has been in action for nearly twenty years, is any individual’s skill in searching.

Granted, the efficiency of the search function shares accountability; however, until that has been exhausted there’s volumes of information to assimilate.

The only “gadget” I would recommend for speed development is a medicine ball.

I’m sure you can, I helped my cousin with a similar setup. Twice a week 60-90mins per session. 6-8 weeks strength block follow by 6-8 weeks power block.

Strength block:

P skips height/distance uphill
5-10x10-20yds (timed)
Squats 5x5
clean grip rdl 5x8

5-6x40-50 (timed)
Easy squats 3x5 20% less then mon
Db rev lunge 4x8
snatch grip rdl 5x8

Power block:

5-10x30 (timed)
Lunge jumps 4x5x30% Perform 30% rest 30 sec perform 15% rest 3-4mins
Lunge jumps 4x5x15%
Reactive rdl 2x20

5-6x60 (timed)
depth jumps 4x3 (nothing crazy - 18-24in)
squats 3x3 70-85%

No gear just yourself and the track…

Thanks, that was very helpful. Did your cousin do some form of light activity/tempo runs in between those two hard training days?

It wasn’t on the plan.