Can I wear flats to lower the intensity during a 3-1-3 cycle

Can I do the same volume of speed work during the 4th week of a 3-1-3 cycle but just where flats instead of spikes to reduce the intensity and keep the same speedwork volumes as the speed sessions in week three?

In a 3-1-3 cycle, the volume of your speed work does not drop very significantly during the ‘1’ week. If you look at the charts in the new e-book, that recovery week has speed work volumes near the peak of the entire cycle (right around 2400m/week)

As far as intensity, I thought that you would use the reduction in volume of weight work to actually intensify your speed work, so you would want to work at near 100% intensity.

Oh umm well I’ve been doing this wrong. I didn’t have access to weights so for the three weeks I’ve been increasing the volume of speed work. I’m in the third week of the cycle and I Just added plyometrics during the third week to replace weights. So should I drop the plyos I added in week three for week four and keep the speed volume the same as week three?

How can you get grip in flats? I would go tits up :slight_smile: