can EMS cause damages?(like Weights)

i think it is quite clear, that wrong weight-training can cause damages(i.e. hypertrophie of ST-fibers)

What about EMS?
Is there a “chance” to do sth wrong( for example in the pulsing/massage mode)?

what i mean is: if i am going to buy one that has not enough intensity to create a maximum contraction,
will a 80%-contraction (10"duration) then fire the ST-Fibers ?

could i get a negative result(like doing 5x30reps in weight training for example…)

isnt anybody concerned, too?
My problem is: if i am going to buy a cheaper unit(<250,-) and its not enough for 100% contractions - can a 50-80%-contraction have negative effects?

I believe EMS will recruit the larger fast twitch muscle fibers before the smaller slow twitch fibers. So you would need a higher intensity to recruit the ST fibers.

Hmmm there is no such thing as wrong strength training all strength training has disadvantages.

Hypertrophy of slow twitch will occur in almost any type of strength training, but the hypertrophy of fast fibers is about 2x greater.

EMS may cause detrimental effects if the duration is too long. Physiologists induce chronic muscle stimulation with EMS units to cause fast fiber to act like slow twitch fiber. So, the duration of EMS sessions must be controlled and adhered to.

You should try to buy an EMS system that has full intensity. Recruiting slow fiber explosively is also a good thing. They then take on the characteristics of intermediate fiber which is a good thing.

Using the EMS machine in a pulsing mode is also ok. Do not spend too long a time on this setting.

I thought about the same. If the duration is too long and so on…

But: if i am following Charlies advices(10x10" max contraction wih 50"rest) and have NO MAX contraction(i.e. 75%) - can EMS then have a negative effect?
i wasnt planning to use it chronically anyway…

And what exactly about the pulsing mode? This is a longer duration and lower intensity, can this cause negative effects?

Maybe Charlie can say sth about this topic?

Yes I see what you mean…I remember Charlie posting a compromise to the pulsing regime. Do a search on the site, I am sure that this type of query has been answered by Charlie and others.

Do a search.

Read the article about the Compex model reviewed by the site in the articles section. I am sure that it will help you to determine how you could use the pulsing regime on the model you intend to buy.

ok, i am searching…

i cant find a answer to the question…
Maybe Charlie or other who knows sth about this stuf could give a simply yes or no?!

i just wanna buy a unit, but if i couldnt reach 100% contraction, but only-lets say- 80%. Will this have a negative effect(especially in terms of FT-fibers)?

come on…
i am waiting for a guy who can tell me…So i can go and buy this unit.
In the moment i am not sure about this question.
What about others who have these units with up to 120mA?

Buy a compex unit. Its all been well research ed and worked out.

the problem is just: i dont wanna spend so much money for it.
First time i would use EMS…
if it works for me i am going for a compex or sth like that.
ore are there any compex units that are “cheap”(<300,-)?