Calling all 200m runenrs

Hey I’m thinking about concentrating on this particular event now instead of 400m. So for a starter, can you guys provide me with soem background information on a 200m workout. I have read several threads regarding 200m workout and I understand, but now i just need a sample workout so i can make soem subtle changes to it for me. Thank you

When are you planning to compete?
What are your current 200m/400m PR’s as well as any testing PR’s?
Your age, training age, body dimensions?

I want to be a 200m/400m runner and right now i wanna focus on 200m.

200m: 24.5
400m: 55

I am 16. This is my second year in track, the season starts in Feb. but i want a head start.

First off, There are many schools of thought in regards to training. Personally if your season starts in Feb.and you are doing both the 200m/400m, I would model one of Clyde Hart’s programms with a good reduction in both volume and intensity. Mix things up, stress technique to the utmost, and try to get a feeling of how fast your body recovers from certain types of workouts. You have sooooo much time to experiment with a program and adjust it, although by December I would try to have some very specific goals and strategies planned out. Try to get a training partner, it will boost the intensity of the workouts. This is all very general, but as a base, look at what some of the other guys have posted under training examples. After about a week of studying you should be able to construct a blueprint of a training program. Feel welcome to run it by me and I’ll give my opinion. Good Luck!

I read an article over on Dr. Track by Holloway I thought was very well rounded… essentially, it was
Mon- short speed, weights
Tues-fitness (around 1800m for 100/200)
Wed-off/very light, weights
Thurs- 400m specific strength (later, event specific SE)
Fri-flushing/fitness (around 1200m for 100/200)