Calf Cramps

After hard and fast workouts I usually get some pretty gnarly calf cramps. They usually occur when I’m doing something that is at about 85-90% my max pace and with a fairly moderate recovery. (training for the 800) After workouts like that, or any fast workout, I get problems with my calves SERIOUSLY cramping up. Drinking water seems to help, but not enough to stop them. Eating a banana was recomended by one of my coaches as they have copious amounts of potassium and that’s somehow supposed to keep me from cramping.

Is there anything I should be eating or drinking that I’m not?

High protein diet - low carbs, acidic buildup?
I got some good advice a few weeks back - have a look back through the archives…

You should be doing standing calve raises in a squat rack with side supports with free wts and work on your calve flexibility. :slight_smile:

Make sure you’re hydrated well before your runs. STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH, try ZMA if you’re not already on that!

Supervenomsuperman- whats your reason for adding more calf work?

Check out the thread Calve Raises in the Strength forum it should be on the first page with about 60 replies!

Try supplementing with Magnesium, as it can provide better results than potassium in some individuals.

Yes, I would also go with magnesium supplementation and better hydration. I mean, your urine should be clear before your workout.