Remember those bullworkers? You’d hold them in front of your body and compress the handles towards each other. Gives you beach pecs, you can also hold them behind your body for xtra lat developement etc…
Anyway, I don’t do bench presses. I just want a conveniant upperbody exercise that I can do anywhere even standing up, without loads of equipment and bench etc. OK the bullworker is not spacific, niether are versions of pressing a barbell. Also, it might not give a lot of c.n.s stress but that is fine with me as I allready get enough c.n.s stress from the lower body and athletic work like plyo’s.
MY only concern with the bullworker (before I buy one) is… Could it cause tightness? Would it reduce tendon compliance in the shoulder? Do sprinters need shoulder tendon compliance or shoulder tendon stiffness?
Any answers at all, appreciated.

i can’t really answer any of your question but maybe you need to look into cables. kinda like the old chest expander but alot better. if you go with something like ironminds fabled cables you can do pushups with them also. i 've got a bullworker and the cables are alot better. and the exercises are endless plus you can vary the resistance.