Building up my squats


I hope someone can help me out here…I’m beginning to get back into the gym and I want to get my legs stronger so I can get back into sprinting for next year. I’m 5’9, 150lbs, I use to run track a couple years ago for two my final two years in high school with a pb of only 11seconds flat. I didn’t have much sprinting training, only two seasons in hs but I’ve always been naturally fast, probably because my Jamaican background haha but my problem is that I can’t squat for sh*t! My bench is good I can do 225lbs about 3-5 times but when I try to squat 225lbs I can’t do more then 5 it just destroys my lower back. I feel that my form is good, I try to look up and avoid bending my back but my lower back gets way too stressed when I do 225lbs+. Just looking for some tips on how to improve on my squats, because I definitely should be able to squat way more then I can bench but that isn’t the case.


there should be quite a few people on here that know a lot about how to help you. In my opinion, your back hurts because its either weak, tight, or your form is poor-- or a combo of all 3. First of all, make sure your back is in good position. Have a friend watch or video tape you when you are squatting. If your back rounds at the bottom you are probably too tight in the hips.

Once you are flexible enough, focus on strengthening your back with some good mornings. Use light weight at first and keep very good form. Also, strengthen your lower ab muscles. Then you can ice and later massage your back to help recover those muscles.

As for building up your squat… squat once or twice per week doing sets of 5. start each session off light and build up to 1 or 2 heavy sets. You should be able to squat more each time you come in, at least for a few months. Take it easy at first and let your body adapt to the training! good luck!

You can exercise the same muscles doing a leg press without loading the back.

How low are you going in the squat? If you go too low and your lower back rounds, your back will be EXTREMELY sore.