Buffering applied?

For those of you who have implemented DavidW’s buffering method, or DavidW himself, i have a question or two…

It appears from the article that buffering is mainly applied to limit strength movements. Should it also be used with Olympic movements? If so, if a 10% buffer is recommended for 1rep and 5% for 3rep, then what if you are doing a set of doubles? Should you adjust for how you are feeling that particular day?

As for using buffering during a meso…

[[b]I]Example Program for Intermediate Athlete

Week 1: 4x3r @ 85% 3RM (or ~78.5% 1RM)
Week 2: 4x3r @ 90% 3RM (or ~82.5% 1RM)
Week 3 1: 3x3r @ 95% 3RM (or ~87.5% 1RM)
Week 3, session 2: Test 3 or 1RM[/i][/b]

It appear that there is a 7.5% buffer during these weeks. Is there an unload week that follows week 3? Or does the cycle just repeat itself with the new 3RM that was tested during week 3 session 2? Anyone ever messed around with this?

Hey asbury,

I believe that buffering is used with limit strenth, Olys and even RE in auxilary/accesory/prereahb exercises because it allows for perfect form…
For doubles, use 10% of 2RM not 1RM!

Unloading is a consequence of the cycling as you stated, using buffer 85% with new 3RM is an unload!
I found trouble finding appropriate weight using buffers because they represent small increases, and in my gym I can only increase weights for 10kg! I used to tie smaller weights with a rope, but people look at me like a weirdo (they look at me like a weirdo even when I do olys, and when I spend my whole training over a power rack :slight_smile: ). Why doesnt he uses machines?

I keep thinking about this because i feel like i may be missing something. Excuse me if i am overcomplicating something quite simple.

So, if i am training off of a 3RM of 100k and i am doing triples like in DavidW’s example, i would buffer it 5%. So, i would base my percentages off of 95k, correct? Thus my training weeks would look like:
4x3@85% = 80kg
4x3@90% = 85kg
3x3@95% = 90kg , test new RM

Ok, you confused me :confused:
Here is how I look at the things. David W stated that buffer for 1-3RM should be 10%, but I dont believe he mentioned 10% of what (1RM, 2RM or 3RM). Also he mentioned this 10% in general, but later he switched from 15-5% buffer over a couple of weeks…
So, I am thinking on this:

If your 3RM is 100kg, then the cycle would be something like this:

4x3@85% = 85kg (15% buff of 3RM)
4x3@90% = 90kg (10% buff of 3RM)
3x3@95% = 95kg (5% buff of 3RM)
Test 3RM, new 3RM = 105 kg or more
repeat the cycle
4x3@85% = 89kg (15% buff of new 3RM)
4x3@90% = 94kg (10% buff of new3RM)
3x3@95% = 100kg (5% buff of new 3RM)
Test 3RM, new 3RM = 107 kg
repeat the cycle…

This is how I got it… dont know is this what David did. You have to ask him…

Hope I helped

Ok, i think i got is now. Yeah duxx, i think you are right. I was looking at it as though the buffer should be 10% through the entire cycle, but as you mentioned, it appears it goes from 15% - 5%.
So then what would a plan look like for training off of a 5RM and training off of a 1RM. If training off of a 5RM does that mean we are doing sets of 5? Same goes for the 1RM. I would think so.
What would an example set and rep scheme look like for the 5RM and 1RM plan, as well as the percentages?

[b][i]Example Program for Intermediate Athlete

Week 1: 4x3r @ 85% 3RM (or ~78.5% 1RM)
Week 2: 4x3r @ 90% 3RM (or ~82.5% 1RM)
Week 3 1: 3x3r @ 95% 3RM (or ~87.5% 1RM)
Week 3, session 2: Test 3 or 1RM[/i][/b]

Looking at the 1RM suggestions here, it appears that there is a 22.5% - 12.5% buffer from week 1-3. Seem correct?

Depends what is the purpose of those 5s? I believe that 5 reps can be used for auxilary exercises (talking in general, as you know Charlie uses larger reps), 2-4 reps for core, and 1-3 for Olys…

Dont know… depends what plates you got in gym :slight_smile: It is damn hard to find 1,43kg plates if you know what I mean… I use buffers as a rule-principle, but it is hard to find such a small plates if you lift baloons like me :slight_smile:
I belive that buffer for 5RM could be smaller, for example 10%, 6%, 3% for succesive weeks…
This is what I should do:

Week 1:
Olys 4x2@85% (of 3RM)
Core 3x3@85% (of 3RM)
Suppl 2x5@90% (of 5RM)

Week 2:
Olys 4x2@90% (of 3RM)
Core 3x3@90% (of 3RM)
Suppl 2x5@94% (of 5RM)

Week 3:
Olys 3x2@95% (of 3RM)
Core 2x3@95% (of 3RM)
Suppl 1x5@97% (of 5RM)

Week 3, last training:
Olys test 3RM
Core test 3RM
Suppl test 5RM

Repeat next cycle! Keep core and olys the same, but choose new exercises for suppl, auxilary and prehab training!

This would be my approach with using this kind of system! After all, it is just and tool in my coaching toolbox along westside, tier, pendulum etc… My “system” for athletes would be rather combination of buffer & tier…

Again, you misinterpreted… These buff for 1RM in this example arent suggestion for working with 1RM, but they are a relationship with 3RM. That means you would be still using 3 reps, but this time you would you % of 1RM rather than 3RM (they are equvalent in when calculated in kg). Do you got it now? :slight_smile:
I belive progression for working with 1 rep, would be from 15-5% again (same as for 3 reps) or slighty larger…
BTW, asbury you didnt gave me the ISBN of Al’s book… Also, if you got more “must read” books about basketball, soccer and conditioning in general please PM me! Thanks