Breathing at the start

I’m interested in what you do at the start concerning breathing.

Do you hold it?

Do you do an extended exhalation at the gun?

Do you ignore this whole issue and focus on something else?

Seems to me that starts are similar to initiating a power lifting move, which suggests you might want to hold the breath for an instant at the start and then a controlled exhalation.

all you need to do is…when the gun goes react asap…simple…if you think about what you must do then your reaction will be slower

When you go into set you hold your breath and then you react and everything is automatic.

As X-man says, if you are concentrating on anything at the start you will be left in the blocks.

Whatever breathing pattern you use during practice will becom automatic over time. In practice without a starter I generally try to breath out over the first 20 or so meters - based on what i read in SpeedTrap about starting. But in a race I never notice what i do. I guess i do the same.

I agree. I also hold my breath in the set position, and then react to the gun. I don’t notice what I do after, but as tc indicated, I probably exhale over 20m (as I do in practice).


I never thought about it much either until I started reading some of the information about valsalva, which appears to be effective but also dangerous.