Box Squat Max

does anyone have any idea what percentage of your back squat max is your box squat max? i’m just looking for a rough estimate. thanks

it looks like they box squat at 50% of their competition back squat and work up to 60%. so if we are working in a 80%-90% range of max strength, should the westside protocol be used (50-60%) or should we bump the weights up to 80% or where ever we are in our training?

the 50-60% is used for their dynamic effort workouts. It is my understanding that these are power / speed-strength based workouts, and if that isn’t your goal in the weight room, perhaps you’d be best served to work it in the 80-90% range, which they use on their maximal effort days.

I think it all comes down to what you’re trying to accomplish in the weight room.

I trained westside style for about 4-5 months and my box squat did go up. During this time, I did no conventional squatting.

However, when I then returned to squatting, I found that it had went down significantly. I almost had to re-learn the exercise again.

From a powerlifting point of view; Louie Simmons, has said that if you add 10-15% to your max box squat, this will be your approximate competition squat (with full lifting gear, suits, raps, etc)

It also depends on how tall of a box you use. I usually use one that is about 2" lower than parallel for me, but when I free squat, I do full squats. Not surprisingly, I can box squat more, even if I keep my stance width the same.


The westside guys do use the box for speed work on dynamic effort days. The 50-60% number is supposed to be light.

If you box squat the same way you back squat the box squat should help your back squat go up. But if you box squat with a powerlifting stance and then test your narrow stance full squat there will be little carryover. I have heard of people full squatting on real low boxes (4-8") and having a decent carryover to full squatting. Maybe this was Oor’s problem.

Just a thought



You are probably right. When I was doing Westside style training, my dynamic box squats were done with a wide stance.

No doubt this type of training would have improved my powerlifting type squat, but, it did nothing for my narrow stance oly squat.

I do my dynamic box squats with a more oly style form, but sitting back more. And only after my regular squats.

More as supplement for me rather than a main move.