box squat form

Since box squats seem to be the exersise to do for strnegth and speed developement, i have a question about the form:

When doing heavy reps (or anyreps for that matter) with the box squat i find it very hard to get up off of the box, when i try and keep my shins at least perpendicalur to the ground as recommended. Is it ok if my shins are more than perpendicular. because this way i can actually handle alot more weight and feel like i’m getting more of a workout.

Also how excatly do you “relax the hip flexors”?

box squats are ok, but over-rated. why are u stopping on a box, or even pausing.

try squatting freely and accelarate through the lift. take 125% of your lift and add 5%
until 6 quick non cheater reps cannot be done.
use 5 -7 minutes recovery… single sets

take it to the ground relax your feet, and accelarate through… not a slow ardues grunt.


lol, who says box squat is the exercise for strength and speed stick to reg squats. the only time i would use box squats would be with a rookie who has problems learning depth.

well westside PLs use them all the time, and defranco uses them alot too. Also they don’t drain the CNS as much as regular squats, which may be good since i’m already doing sprints and stuff…

I am mistaken about box squats?