Bowen/Neurostructural Integration

Hi guys, do anyone have experience with this technique?

Thank you!

Do a search. I believe there was some discussion on this topic last summer. I think the general consensus was that it really isn’t that great for athletes, who usually require a more aggressive approach to soft tissue work.

This technique can be used for a “neurologic” aspect of the therapy, not for structural (soft tissue).
Probably you can have a balance of nervous/craniosacral system.

Here’s the thread I was referring to.

TNX Flash, I’ve forgotten that thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it, went in with an open mind, and it did nothing.

Thank you for your feedback.
A people on Supertraining web group tried NST with good result.
I’ve tried on me, during the certification course, the work on hamstring and i feel better after the treatment, my sleep was much relaxed too.
Probably if you haven’t a CNS problem/tension the NST is ineffective (probably!).