Bottom of foot

I’ve had bottom of foot pain for nearly 2 months now. At first I could still train on it but it got worse and worse… Now i can’t run anymore and ive been off training for 2 weeks now.

I can’t find anyone with the same problem on the internet but i’ve been told maybe the shoes are the cause, poor hip alignment maybe.

My chiropractor checked my foot and said it was ‘locked’ so he unlocked it and removed fibrosis (scar tissue) around the ankle. It relieved some of the pain but it came back later.

Here’s a picture with the red circle showing the pain area:

As I said i’ve been off training for 2 weeks but the pain is still there, what should I do next? Thanks in advance

NOTE: X-ray found nothing and I feel pain only when pressure is applied. Feels like a bruise also.

How tight are your shoes??

They are not the widest, but wide enough for my foot. I’ve bought new shoes a few days ago, because the old ones were wearing out

Try loosening the laces a bit. It has worked wonders for me…


I had a similar problem last indoor season. pain was slowly getting worst and when i rested it healed slower than expected. I did A LOT of plyo that winter (even barefoot). There was no irritation or anything that would lead me to soft tissue. Also moving the bones was not painful (except under load liek running etc) I had an x-ray and nothing showed up. Than I went to some other doctor and he sain it might be and early sign of stress fracture and that I should rest. That scared the shit out of me so I took a month (5 weeks or so) off. After that i never felt this pain again. I still do very limited volume of plyo and make sure my shoes are in good condition.

Hey thanks for pointing that out. Someone at my track club said my 5th metarsal is affected and it could be early signs of stress fracture (Jones fracture). if that’s the case i’ll be off training for a loooong time…
I will go see a podiatrist because this is scary.

Sounds like you need a lot checked out!! Your feet potentially could be causing your hips to be thrown out, and hence causing hammie issues!!??

There are so many potential issues here. You need to get this fixed as you can’t run well in pain. Training on it will only make things worse and you will start changing your mechanics to avoid the pain which can lead to other problems in seemingly unrelated areas of the body like the hip and lower back.