Bone Bruise

HAs anyone ever had any experience with an ankle bone bruise? (This was diagnosed by a doctor after an MRI)

What type of training would still be possible?


How did this injury happen…what specific area or bone did this injury happen? If it was it your trail leg?

Thank God it wasn’t me but it is one of my kids I worked with during the school year that asked me to help train them during the summer. THis person is a right leg lead as well and the bruise is on the left ankle.

  Just trying to see how intense the training shoudl get for them. I figured pool workouts might be best but access to a pool is somewhat limited as of right now.

    This person has some general fitness needs that need to be addressed as of right now and thus far ALL work we have done has been on the grass. IS there anythign else we can do to speed recovery and/or prevent injury?

ALmost forgot, the doctor said icing would onyl help with the pain.:afro:

I am not a doctor but this might help…my guess is your athlete hit his medial tubericle of his talus…or the bone that sticks out the most on your ankle. I have not worked with that specific injury but I spoke with an athlete that you might know in your city. This football player was doing some light lifting after a thigh bruise in his leg that had a “bone bruise” according to team doctors. I was working with a triathlete at lifestyles over the bridge in T-man land and he told me that all he did was light cardio.

The pool workouts sound good…what can he do pain free on the track? Light tempo and hurlde mobility?

Yep, that’s about it so far…

Light tempo, walkovers, drills

Although on walkovers where the entire bodyweight is on the hurt ankle they are unable to do the drill correctly because of the pain so we eliminated that…

Tried a few accelerations today in the grassjust to test it out to see how it felt and everythign was cool until the 4th one so we called it quits.

after killing my trail leg ankle over almost every hurdle in every race… i have found the best thing to do if you do hurdle work is to put a foam pad right on the spot and lightly tape it on. It doesn’t hinder movement at all if you tape it right and although it still hurts when I hit hurdles, it at least makes it bearable so it doesn’t effect the race.

i just had my first max. speed workout yesterday since december because of bone bruise. it was diagnosed from MRI. i might could have had max speed session a month earlier but due to age (35), job, new baby, etc. i have not been able to push it, and just didnt want to because i kept trying to push it too early.

this was really a frustrating injury, i went thru some therapy, quit running hard, took time away from sprinting and when i thought it would be better in late april, i was demonstrating a med ball start and found out i needed more time off.

i was able to continue olympic lifting, and tempo and drills. i took celebrex everyday and lots of glucosamine/chond.

but if you want to run fast, it will have to heal sufficiently before you can.