Bondarchuk and Bosco

Does anybody know where to purchase books by Anatoly Bondarchuk and Prof. Bosco that have been translated into english? Thanks for any help.

Bondarchuk material hard to come by. A lot of Jay Schroeder’s training comes from Bondarchuk.
Any body with any material on Bondarchuk Training methods please forward. I would love to learn about these methods.

If you haven’t already and have the patience to browse a few thousand pages of great Russian training info, check if any libraries in your area have copies of Micheal Yessis’s “Soviet Fitness Reviews”

In supertraining there is an experpt about how Bondarchuck trained the soviet track and field team in 1980…" Equal distribution of training loads comprising strength and technical skills work( Komarova, 1984). This form of loading, applied during the preparatory and competitive phases, was successfully used in preparing the soviet track and field team for the 1980 olympics (Bondarchuk, 1976, 1979), In one variant, large volume technique training is executed during the prepatory phase, with greater volume of strength work taking place near the end of the prepatory phase and at the beginning of the competitive phase. The development of skill enables the athlete to utilise the increasing strength, which is the reason why technical skills training is necessary in the prepatory phase. Increase in strength without concurrent improvement in sport-specifc-skills training is considered inefficient."

I know I have copies of some old soviet reviews wrtiten by him I will try to dig em up and put some stuff on here for ya to decifer what the hell those mad russian scientists were talking about!!! :eek: PEACE

any information about his training would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.

I got a bunch of article 3 or 4 I dug up from Bondarchuk…I will post them later in the week, I have tests early this week and after I go fail them I will have time to type his articles up…till then let me know if you find any more stuff…to hold you over, I read that Bondarchuk has authored 130 published works including 5 books…one of his books is entitled Hammer throwing, so maybe you can look into that…I gutted through the soviet sports reviews and found 3-4 articles he wrote, not sure if he wrote more but the reviews I went through were from 1979-1991!!!
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Bosco C (1992) Strength assessment with the Bosco‘s test. Società Stampa Sportiva, Rome

forget studying :eek: I was looking over Bondarchuck articles and they are not overly revealing as to what his methods are…The titles of the articles are “Training Load Volumes and the length of the sports-form Cycle”, “Training loads of young runners”, “Immediate Training Effect of AnAerobic Loads,” " Adaptation," and another one " The training loads of young runners"…if you would like me to type up a specific one of these let me know, I am gonna try to put up the Adaptation article and the immediate effect of anaerobic loads!!! PEACE

I scanned the articles and tried to put them on here but was unable due to the size…I could type them but that is gonna take a while if you want I can email them to anyone who would like them and then we could discuss what they mean on here??? I have the “Adaptation” article, the “Immediate Training effect of anaerobic loads” and the “training load volumes and the length of the sports form cylce” scanned, you might need some kind of program to view them as well I am not sure??? If anyone has a way to post them on here let me know, otherwise if you want em send me your email…peace!

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Looks like coach Bondarchuk is actually on our side of the ocean. According to this, he’s working in British Columbia, Canada for a track and field group! Any chance anyone is heading over there anytime soon?..

asd123, I’d be interested in some of the Bondarchuk materials.

I would be intereseted in them.

If it’s possible please email me any or all of the articles.

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holy crap I live in BC and I am trying to learn the Hammer! This could be a great opportunity.

I would also appreciate the articles if you don’t mind:

ME too! Please send all the articles that you can. Thank you!

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and…the thread was also about bosco works.lots of articles and books, but in italian.I read a couple of his books, great understanding of the whole plyometric training

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