Bolt to strike again

KINGSTON, Jamaica, Dec 6, 2008 (AFP) - Olympic double sprint champion Usain Bolt has the speed to shatter his own world records and approach ultimate human speeds, the Jamaican sprint star and his coach said.
Just a week after a Stanford University researcher said a new statistical analysis shows that human speed maximums would be 9.48 seconds for 100m and 18.63 seconds for 200m, Bolt and coach Glen Mills talked of threatening them.
When asked how fast he thought he could run 100m, Bolt replied, Perhaps 9.52, but I must make progress in different areas, especially at the start.'' Bolt rocked the Bird's Nest Stadium at the Beijing Olympics in August with breathtaking bursts of speed, winning 100m gold in a world record 9.69 seconds and taking the 200m title in a world record of 19.30 seconds. Bolt's 200m time lowered American Michael Johnson's 12-year-old world mark of 19.32 and Mills said Bolt could crack 19 seconds in the right place at the right time. I am not making any predictions, but I believe, based on what he did in Beijing, given similar conditions, if he runs the 200m at a time when he is fresh, we are hoping that we can get under the 19-seconds barrier,’’ Mills said.
While a bit less daring in his 100m hopes, Mills said has great expectations for Bolt in that event as well.
``We are also hoping to take the 100m to somewhere where it will stay for a good while,’’ Mills said.

I love how they ask University researches how fast someone can go rather than the coach

Similar conditions? I would have thought he’d want a bit better than -0.9.

LOL! So true