Bolt to run after MJs 300m record

What are predictions for his run given good conditions? Can he break 30? Too early in season yet??

Michael Johnson had a split over 200m 20.11 ( last 100m was 10.74-pretty fast) I think that Bolt must run around 20 second, even under to break WR… and at that time Michael Johnson ran 19.71 over 200m, but still he was 400m runner…

I hope altitude is not an issue here, but MJ had that advantage.

Yes MJ did have the altitude of Pretoria, RSA to help him out a bit

His splits, from A.Lennart Julin

20.11 (9.43 on curve!)

10.68 + 9.43 + 10.74

Judging from how ‘easy’ Bolt has looked in winning the last 2 Jamaican National titles over 200m (2008 19.97 & last year 2009 20.25 I believe into big headwind), he could come through sub20 and not be too taxed - I think below 30.50 if he runs the race sensibly

When Merrit ran circa 31.20, he was in 20s shape and 44 shape. MJ was in 19.7 and 43.7 shape when he ran 30.85.
I think for 30.5 Bolt must be in 19.4, which he is, but like 43.5 for 400m, which he is not… We will see :slight_smile:

Frankly, I wish him to beat even 30s, because the meet is in Ostrava ( Czech Republic) :slight_smile:

If Bolt gets the 300 record it’s only a matter of time before he moves up to the 400m. Bolt will be a living and walking legend at that point.

5.8x50m, 10.2x100m, 14.8x150m, 19.9x200m, 25.1x250m, 30.4x300m…hmmm wonderin how he might run this…maybe somethin like hard accel to 35-40m then cruise it up for about 120-130m then kkick at 160-170m mark in through to 270-280m…at which point i believe he’ll be tyin up badly i believeso let the hands come as high as they want but maintain the frequency

I’m wondering what excuses MJ will use for why he is still the better athlete and his run is better.

haha crazy mikey, the freaky quarter horse, badbad badass…dude will prob say something like, ‘‘well i was a 400m runner who ran the 200m, so the altitude of where i ran at, affected my breathin more negatively than it affected my speed positively.’’

numbersix8(youtube track video guru) used to have the bolt9.86berlinWC2009semi race up, but has since taken it down. anyways in that video after the headon slowmo of bolt easin down mj calls usain JUSAIN instead. then the old bbc dude, one who been commenting since the 80s, picks up on the fast jab and lets a surprised caught off guard laugh and flawlessly continues the commentary as if nothin happened. michael was laughing too