Bolt 9.72 New 100m WR

Pleeeeeeaaaaase somebody tell me there is a youtube link to this, hopefully tomorrow they’ll have it up

Not the best, but something…

thanks, at least we can see the start from this angle, he got out excellent, I think these guys can push the record sub 9.7 easy

Home video from the finish line:

Gay packed it in with 5m to go and might have gone 9.82- he should be in the 9.7s shortly.

Such high standards now to get a olympic medal, even a 9.8 isnt good enough :eek:

I counted 41 steps!

What can I say… he’s was just simply faster than Gay. He didn’t really leave any room for speculation at all. I suppose, for a tall guy like that, and with such a good power output from 20 to 70m, it’s going to be tough for shorter guys to catch him if they are left behind.

Another benefit I see, with such a stride, is that he can really conserve energy going through rounds in a major championship – just drive to 50m and jog through the rest of the distance (at sub 10 if needed).

There’s still a long road till Olympics.
All these guys first need to go through their Olympic Trials safely…

Interesting that this meeting was organised by Gay’s manager, who signed a couple of days ago a contract with Paris GL for a dual Gay vs Powell before London. Money is big and supported by IAAF (source l’Equipe). Now who cares about a Gay vs Powell match while everybody wants to see Bolt?
Why did Gay accepted to face Bolt, invited by his own management, at “home”? I don’t see the logic. anyway it produced an great race.

In Trinidad (9.92) and NY (9.72), Bolt had his hips lower than Kingston (9.76) in “set” position, but unlike Trinidad, he was able to come out first out of the blocks.
Comparing with past race analysis, Gay’s 60m intermediate time yesterday was proly around 6.44, with Bolt about 0.10 faster. The gap remained almost unchanged in the last 40m, until the very last 5m where Gay shut down.

By the time of Trials, Gay will be in 9.7 shape, i hope this year the wind will be +, unlike all these past years!

Well it proves one thing… a man of 6ft 4 ins plus can run very fast indeed. The 100m event continues to show that if you are fast then regardless of body type and height you can compete at world class level… of course you can’t be a fatty. There doesn’t seem to be an ideal body type… just a prerequisite to be lean.

Yes, in the same line as Tommie Smith or Francis Obikwelu (also 1.95).

All I can say is I hope these guys push the record sub 9.70s and beyond (drug free of course). Bolt is a very powerfully built athlete so it doesn’t really surprise me that he ran 9.72s ( I wonder how this will translate to the 200m race)

By far the best video of the race so far:

I wonder what his 200m time was in his 9.72. He coasted all the way over to the 300m start after crossing the 100m finish line!

True (naturellement) but Gay looks to be in a more comfortable position relatively speaking than other top US sprinters in the past as the fields in the US 100 and 200 seem less stacked this year than in previous Olympic years.

I also wonder how Bolt will cope with being catapulted into the position of the hottest property in track and field, and that in an Olympic year. Not so much the pressure on the track but the distractions outside.

How are people getting so fast!!! That guy is good.

Keep in mind how in the past Bolt has competed against (and generally lost to) Spearmon in the 200. Bolt comes out in the first 100 like gangbusters, but seems to have SE and speed maintenance problems down the stretch, and Spearmon runs him down from behind. Bolt is now significantly faster in the flat 100, but it remains to be seen whether he can maintain that speed better than in the past. In fact, if Bolt has changed his distribution of workload to gain time in the 100 (presumably from the acceleration phase), he could end up making his 200 slower.

In Gay’s case, Bolt quite obviously won the race in the acceleration phase. Gay is going to have to put in more work in this area, just as he did considerable work in the start area getting ready for Asafa. But without knowing how Brauman’s training schedule is structured, you don’t know if things are actually planned this way intentionally (i.e. s-l with speed/accel at the end). See Victoria Cambell for comparison. I take it that Gay might want to do squats with more than 225 on his back, and maybe spend less time on overdistance for the 200…all of which may make both the 100 and the 200 more competitive in Beijing.

Charlie, what would you tell Gay if he came to you?

I’m glad this race happened as it’s great for the sport…no dodging!

A few things that comes to mind…

  1. I’m pleased that Bolt ran through the tape. Something that his country man doesn’t do very often.

  2. As we all know Gay will get better, but this has do wonders for Bolt’s confidence. Let’s hope his people (coach, agent etc) keep him healthy and bring him along properly.

  3. I’m extremely curious to know (I may never truly know) what adjustments were made in his training. Based on his times as a youth something like this was extremely possible. However, it would be interesting to know what he’s done this year and last to prepare him for such performances. I look forward to seeing his splits in the last 40m as it appeared to be little decelerating.

Congrats Bolt…JAMROCK all the way. :smiley:

Ja men’s and women’s 4X1 should be outstanding. If Sherone S gets going JA will 4 women under 11s:eek:

Do you mean l-s? And yes, would be very interested to hear Charlie’s insight!