Bolt 19.19

Crazy, he looked nervous ahead of this race, but still he got the record!

What was the wind?

with a headwind!

-.3 was the initial reading. haven’t seen final

I am so glad i got up at 4.30am Australian Eastern time to watch it!!

i thought he will go under 19… , well world record is good too :slight_smile:


Truly the greatest athlete on the planet.

John, thanks for posting the video, my gosh, 19.19, he is just unreal. I did not think he looked nervous beforehand, I enjoyed his kidding around with Spearmon much better than the in your face antics of the 90’s. If he puts people in the seats, gets the public interested in track again and induces kids to enter our sport, God love him.
Does anyone believe he will take a year and work on the 400 to break the WR? :rolleyes:

Once again, incredible.

Into a headwind.

The time is less impressive to me than the margin of victory and the sustained excellence throughout all of this running.

No one was asking “who else could challenge” for this race. There were no darkhorses. Even if Tyson were running, no one really believed this to be a close one.

It’s as if he has closed the door on competition in these races.

What’s really important is what this converts to in terms of a BASIC performance;).

He was definitely tired IMO. I want to see the splits on this one. I think he was faster by quite a bit on the turn than his 9.96 in Beijing because he literally ate up the stagger on Edward in 5 steps but faded a bit on the straight. Surely no one can doubt he’s ready for the 18s with some rest.
The difficulty is that wind can come from multiple directions at most tracks, so big stadiums like this where most of it is blocked out are the best chance to combine conditions with readiness.
What meets are there 10 to 14 days from now? Will he give himself a chance to rest up or is it straight into the circuit?
Maybe his 250,000 fee will enforce a bit of rest. We’ll see.
Never mind that, he’s got the relay to deal with now!

Reaction time 0.133. Def. tired. I have no doubt that he can and will go under 19.00

Interesting twitch in the blocks by Bolt in the first false start.

If you remove Bolt from that final, it is still a respectable 200m final.

As the IAAF report says “Bolt’s winning time - 19.19* - looks more like a grandparent’s year of birth than a time for the 200m…” LOL!


.11 off both of his previous world records in the 100m/200m

“In numerology the number 11 is a Master Number – ‘Master’ meaning it is of intense/high vibrational frequency and works within the etherical, magical and transcendental realms of creation. Master numbers possess great potential for learning and growth, and can bring major transformations in life.”

Major transformations such as shattering your own world records and, once again, stretching the perception of human performance limits.

Take it up with the self-appointed experts in such matters. They don’t reside here!

Formula for 200m using 0.24 reaction might be a bit old since we can have Electronic Timing for reaction times now.
Best reaction of his meet 0.13
100m of 9.58 - 0.13 = 9.45
9.45 * 2 = 18.9
18.9 + 0.13 = 19.03 as his current fastest (without so many other runs before hand)