Asafa 21.27 (-1.0)

UTech Classic
Section 3 Wind: -1.0

1 Powell, Asafa MVP 21.27

2 Padgett, Travis Adidas 21.34

Any video?

Looks like he hurt himself around 130m or so. He was good for considerably faster.
A Jamaican on TFN site reports something about Asafa’s shoe slipping, and that he isn’t hurt. Strange, but possible…

His first 100m split must have been very fast
considering how he essentially jogged the last 1/3 of the race and still ran sub 22.

“I was slipping on the corner and cramped-up in the straight,” he explained. “I really wanted to put down a good time, but the condition did not allow.”

Why in the world would they let him run under these conditions? Last time he ran a 200 in the rain he tore his hamstring, and after all his hip problems they had announced that he wouldn’t do any more 200s.

That race was a trailer for Dumb and Dumber III :cool:

Eyeballing it with a stopwatch - I get him around 10.2. Maybe PJ will help us out here.