Boldwarrior's SPP1

4 x 30m high start
3 x 30m 3point start

200m 24.8 (ran relaxed - but didnt feel like i was striding out)
150m 18.2 (ran relaxed - still felt lack of striding out)
was too tired after that to do any more? was windy, also ran in arch supports with heel cut out for the cut in my heel - made me land different perhaps? but the tiredness? perhaps dehydrated? been studying all day so perhaps i didnt drink enough?
went to gym, felt real weak still.
seated rows 3 sets of easy weight
bench, 3 sets of easy weight
tricep push downs 3 sets of harder weight

450 sit ups, felt good doing them at least.

i would give the starts a 9 out of 10
the endurance 5 out of 10
the gym, 2 out of 10
the sit ups 9 out of 10

hammys got more tight as the day went on

tempo runs and med ball throws during recoverys.
4 x squat throws
4 x roll back and throw
warm up and down involved carry of the med ball (approx 1k)
going to use the tens on the hammes tonight for relaxing them.
going to do plenty of sit ups too.

fri, planned day off

sat, flue, lost voice!!

sun, still cant talk

mon, can almost talk

tue, voice seem 8 out of 10, so ran!!

1/2 volume speed day

warm up
2 x 20m high starts, hammys felt tight
2 x 20m 3point starts, stuffed 1st 3 strides in 1st effort, good 2nd effort

2 x 20 easy, 20fast, 20easy, was running tighter than normal. Wind was very swirling, was behind, then side, then in front, all within 10meters of running!! Was hard to hold form and get into the spint position.

60m, Got into relaxed running after a good fast start for like the 1st time. One blended into the other nicely. Still, the wind was an issue…

3 x med ball into jump mat
3 x tripplings into jump mat

you having been sick/hurt alot lately

yes, and its pissing me off

how much med ball work r u doing in spp?

been doing heaps of med ball work, amost every day.
got some camcorder footage the other day of explosive throws. getting very good deep and straight angles with all throws, even on tripplings.
always do upperbody med ball during tempo or after tempo. its like tempo for the upper body.

today, Wednesday
tempo run in park
med ball throws during running breaks
explosive med balls at end

warm up and down will involve med ball too

sit ups, many variations

all planned, even dressed to go out to the track, then my little girl falls hard on the pavement running along off from the grass, scraped up her elbow and knee, was in much pain, and fell asleep. As wife was at work till 11pm, i had to have the day off.

warm up
2 x high start 20m
2 x 3 point start 30m - felt really good

1 x 120m, acc for 30m. - felt tight and uncomphortable
2 x 60m, hard for 30-40m - felt really good, slight tingle in right Rectus Femoris - Quad.

Very hot day, planned on going to the gym not long after, but massive delays on the road, no air con, so, will go later in the day. I hope.

awsome session in the gym tonight.

15 x 60kg
3 x 5 x 100kg

20 x 60kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 100kg
16 x 100kg

Seated rows
8 x 52kg
8 x 52kg
8 x 67kg
5 x 75kg

shoulder press
5 x 60kg
5 x 70kg
3 x 80kg

tri push downs
5 x 60kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 75kg

hammer curls
2 x 8 x 17.5kg

wrist twists
2 x 8 x 17.5kg

Sit ups
300 of various kinds

How is your daughter? Hope she is ok.

Great news re the gym, just the sort of boost you need right now as things have been a bit flat letely. I saw elsewhere that 16 x 100 is a PB, well done :smiley:

Daughter is ok now, she even went to the pool for some swimming lessons, so the grazes are not hurting anymore.

Yes, i needed a boost, Next wk, hopfully things will be going all guns again.

hows ur spp, did u make the changes we were talking bout with the special end days and < the vol?

yeah, i did one long run of 120m, and it didnt feel right still, so the rest were cut to 60m and felt good. Have cut the vollume down so far to about 1/2. with the crazy winds around as of late and flue around everywhere, you got to keep a lid on the immune system a bit. So its going ok.
was to train today, but some sort of gut upset nearly all day? perhaps something i ate last ngiht?
tomorrow, i better be feeling good!

i think cutting the vol in half may be good for you.

planned on doing a speed session today
3 x 30m high starts - hammys felt tight, plenty of leg swings and stretches to loosen them between efforts
2 x 3point starts, hammys felt ok till 20m then when you open up and stride right out, the hammys were pulling tight.

So, then i did 300m in 46
rest 8min
then a split 400
27.2 then 60sec rest then 28.5

Legs felt fine doing this, the last 50m actually felt hard, but ok.

Legs were just in no mood for max speed or even speed that had you opening up the leg stride. So the slower longer efforts fitted in fine.

Planned on doing weights tonight, but relatives turned up 1day early with 1hr notice!!! Darn it.

I think the legs were tight as a striding out tempo session was not done, jogging is fine but the upper hammys need low intensity work too that jogging does not seem to target that area for me. I really need to concentrate on tempo runs more.

You really struggle with tight hammys eh? Is that a traditional hassle area for you or is it more since you started sprinting?

Bloody relies :stuck_out_tongue:

or maybe overtraining?.

tight hammie are only since starting sprinting. I dont think its a overtraining system problem, we have already cut the volume in half…
I think its a lack of weight training (the stretching it provides during full range of motion) and at times missing a nice tempo session, (the pump at full range of motion in hammies, yet again) and it seems i might have to use the Tens machine either at the end of the day of speed or the following day (tempo day). I think i will try the tempo day 1st, that makes more sence. I also might take up doing 1/2hr in the mornings of stretching? I think it could be a real factor?
So there are a few things i goto get into habit of doing, and eliminate the hammy troubles once and for all.

What are you doing for a warm up pre session?

jog, (perhaps not enough?), easy med ball throws, stretch, side skips, arm swings, a and b skips, high knees, butt kicks all x 2.
Leg swings, some run throughs, some PNF stretch if somebody is there? , although yesterday i PNF on a pole and hurdles…
All takes at least 1/2hr, and in the warm climate of QLD, your pretty warm by then.

Although, perhaps a 200 or two of tempo in joggers to warm up the upper hammie?? Could be worth a look at?