Boldwarrior's SPP1

just bc U think the program is working for him doesnt mean it cant be improve for further improvement - its not diffcult THINK bud.

What I think is irrelevant, it is what he knows that is crucial. It isn’t for you or me to give unsolicited criticism of anyones program.

Bold, please accept my apology for this getting sidetracked, it will be my lost post in response to that subject.

I dont mind critisism, but if its not constructive critisism, its pretty much falling on deaf ears. ie, if something looks wrong, dont just say, thats wrong-or something to those lines. back it up with some substance, ie, “why do THAT?, when doing THIS is much better becasue it does THIS and causes THAT, wereas when you do THAT, all it does is THIS and not THAT.”
ect ect. Then what you say will be taken into account and hopefully help?? :cool:
And, if something looks great, Praise is always welcome, no explanation necessary!! :smiley:

Saturday;- day off
Sunday:- Tempo day.
Full warm up-really loosen up, all drills.
tempo runs with no shoes on great grass.
Explosive med ball throws onto jump mats
explosive med balls overhead
Circuit med ball workout

Good tempo session. felt great at the end.
9 out of 10

warm up
3 x 30m standing
3 x 30m belly starts - no axcess to blocks

200m, acc to 30 then maintain 25.3
200m, as above, but missed timing - approx same as above?
140m, acc to 30 then maintain, 17.6

6 x 30m of a skips

All speed endurance runs felt very relaxed, smooth and easy. Was feeling somewhat funny before each effort, including the 30’s. I have felt it before, sometimes at work, i remember once i was sitting in a work buggy recovering and decided to take my heart rate, 50 it was. and my work at the time was prety physical and very hot. And my training at the time was very intense. I put it down to doing the right training and the body adjusting and adapting.


60kg x 5
80kg x 5
100kg x 3
120kg x 2

60kg x 20
80kg x 10
100kg x 5
120kg x 5

Seated Rows
40kg x 15
60kg x 10
75kg x 5
75kg x 5

overall, 8 out of 10

Tempo sessson, i know i did it, cant actually remember doing right now? it was a week ago.

Only axcess to a grass track, rough one at that.
2x30m high starts
2x30m block starts
6 x 20easy 20fast 20easy

3 sets of 10each leg Lunges

Hate running on grass, uneven caused wobbles and complete lack of rebound energy.

15-20min of tempo running
6 x med ball jumps onto jump mat
6 x tripplings then jump onto jump mat
Med ball circuit workout 15-20min.

Still only axcess to rough grass track
3x30m high starts
3 x 30m belly starts
200m, accel for 35m then maintain, standing starts. 50m segments timmed, 50m-6.8, 5.5, 5.7, 6.7 (24.7)
8min recovery
200m, 7.0, 5.8, 5.6 then due to rough grass, a slight Hammy strain. Also in the last 50m of the 1st 200m, due to the rough grass, my feet were hitting my knees at times. Next time there is crap grass like that only to run on, ill do tempo, but for speed, ill just go to the Gym.

Sat / Sun
Had the flue, Iced the hammie, Anti inflammortory gell. Stretch out on sunday.

Drive home, 6.5hrs. Stop after 4.5hrs and do a mild case of tempo runs and drills.
Tens machine on before bed.

tempo running with med ball work inbetween efforts. felt hard - hard to breath, combination of left over bits of flue and really high humidity.

tue night, tens machine for 40mins. massage after, hammie feels bubbly and sore. localized just above the knee about 3inches.

tens for 55min on hammies. really loosed up. Massage too. Hammie felt much better today.
Electrical storm came by in the arvo and lasted a few hrs, prevented training.

warm up (forgot med ball)
2 x 30m standing start
2 x 30m belly start

200m (50m) - 7.1 - 6.4 - 6.4 - 7 total 26.9
150m (50m) - 7.1 - 6.6 - 7 total 20.7

hammy felt tons better, still, the last 50m it was feeling lactic in the sore area - hence the slowing up, if the hammy was ok, no slowing up would have been evident in the last 50m. Will run the tens machine on the Hammy tonight. 50min.

went to go to the gym, all dressed up, was having a few drinks of water and stretches before i was to go. then had a real bad stomach cramp of some sort? had a sleep for an hr. Wife getting me a Lemon water now, isnt she tops!!


I’m a bit confused on the 200m :confused: is that a 200m run and those are your split times? Are you timing those yourself?

yeah mate, its a 200m with the 50m blocks timed, by my wife. or a 150m with the 50m blocks timed.

Also i forgot to put in for last week, thurs, fri, sat and sun nights, real poor sleeps. perhaps only 6hrs sleep night, and bad sleep at that. Unlike my usual 8-10hrs. Damn holidays, was not much of a holiday.

Mate, forget the lemon water, she is a legend for timing your training :stuck_out_tongue:

Go the Bronco’s :smiley:

what is this “6 x tripplings then jump onto jump mat”? weeks 7, 8 ,9 did u do the long hill workouts on sat 60-80m during gpp-spp? also how has those lactic session been treating u? r u running 5 or 6 days per week?

no, never did those long hills, allthough, i do my tempo in a park, so i suppose, yes i do them long hills, as part of my tempo - just not structured like that sat hill session.
6 x tripplings is, same as the tripplings in the dvd, except, on the throw, i throw and land on the high jump mat. Its just a variation on the med ball throws.
Lactic sessions are going pretty easy (except for a hammy strain when doing it on a grass track) Dont really feel the lactic too much, just running them relaxed and techniqually as good as i can. i feel puffed at the end, but the lactic aint too bad. i bet, as soon as i have to run hard for 40m or 50m, that the lactic will hit hard, and the times will quickin somewhat.
been running 6days week, except for this current week, its dropped to about 4. i feel so pathetic. had bad sleep, flue, hammy strain.
Lucky it all come in three’s, and its all over now (hammy is close). back to full training from tomorrow - maybe today if i can fit it in?

so ur tempos are done on a hill? how much tempo vol r u doing now/past? how did u injury ur hammy, was it from during 2 much - like cf said if u get hurt it has to be ur training-lol.

injury, speed endurance on a crap grass track, leg started flicking about on tuffs of grass. i was kicking my knees on the step over. Grass, dont use it for speed related training.

tempo’s, i dont measure exact distance. i just do about 15-20min worth in a park. sometimes i through in med ball work inbetween efforts. and the hill over about 150mtrs raises approx 3mtrs in height? not too bad.

today, i went fishing, and cut me foot right at the end putting the boat away, a nice big cut on my heel. Great, fantastic, excellant, cant wait till tommorrow to see what its like to walk on!! Not…
hopefully i will sleep proper tonight? last night i got a massive 5hrs in??? 5hrs??? thats not a sleep. dont know why either??

:frowning: you are having a run of it at the moment aren’t you. Re the sleep I can say from personal experience stressing over it actually makes it worse :o Do you have exams coming up?

1st lot of sleep that was bad, we went on holidays, the bed was real bad, got kept up late, and woken up early.
back to my bed, slepy like a baby. till the other night, went to bed early, woke up just after midnigt, couldnt sleep, so went to play the xbox to make me drousy, but played that till 7,30. had a sleep for an hr, then had to get ready to go out.
Normally i can force myself to sleep. Im studying principles of anatomy and physiology at moment. and its a massvie module. but its holidays over here at the moment. Which is more of a bother, there is no structure going on. Wife back to work monday, so maybe i can get some structure going again.

The Bronco’s knocked off another one. the coach will have a good resume now, 6 grand finals and 6wins. He knows what he is doing.

Planned day off

Was going to run and gym in the morning before fishing, but just didnt sleep much, so just went fishing.

Foot is cut pretty deep in places, just did medicine ball work for 20mins.

weights at a mates, seated press, pec dec, lat pull downs, bent over rows, upright rows, bicep curls, tricep push downs.
Partner med ball throws (makes a change). 30mins of various throws plus 6 x throws onto mat and 4 x tripplings throws onto mat. (these throws felt realy good - no running before hand makes a technique difference).
Heel actually felt ok, will check later to see if it upened up or not. Hopefully if it didnt, it will be ok for some running tomorrow. Perhaps the epilical trainer will be used tomorrow??? Might be safer??

Good on the Broncos’ especially the shit Bennet was getting 1/2 way through the season…see Brad Thorn got his 4th winners ring :eek:

Your mate has a decent set up. Pleased to see the heel is …healing :stuck_out_tongue:

the heel seems to be healing nicely :smiley:

went for tempo run in park with slight gradient to run on. did med ball throws inbetween efforts. had to carry med ball there and back for warm up and warm down.
about to do some various sit up work now.

overall, 8/10. Pleased with how heel is going, be ready for speed track work tomorrow for sure.