Boldwarrior's SPP1

Day 1.
speed endurance session.
warm up
3x30m accelerations

2x280m - accel till 20m then maintain, focus on relaxation and technique. Felt relativly easy, still, lactic was in the hammies at the end of each. Times, stuffed up 1st effort. 39.1 nd effort. 8min recovery between efforts.

1x200m, as the 280 but only 200m. times, 26.2 and 9-10min after the 280m. felt easy, relaxed and smooth.

Groin was only felt during the accelerations and at the end of the speed endurances due to lactic pooling in the groin…its nearly better.

20kg x 5
60kg x 4
80kg x 3
100kg x 3
120kg x 3

abductor thigh exercise, for groin.
3 light sets of ??kg

Bench and chin superset
60kg bench x 15 - 10chin ups
80kg becnh x 10 - 10 chin ups
90kg becnh x 6 - 8 chin ups
80kg bench x 6 - 7 chin ups

Shoulder presses and bicep super sets
40kg shoulder x 10 - 17.5kg hammer biceps x 7
60kg shoulder x 7 - 17.5kg x 7
60kg shoulder x 6 - 17.5kg x 7
60kg shoulder x 6 - 17.5kg x 6

Tricep push downs
60kg x 10 x 3 sets

Wrist Twists
20kg x 10 x 3sets

med balls x 25
side situps x 50each side
leg raises x 40

Evening, EMS on glutes, hammies, calf and thighs.

280m is an odd distance, why that? :confused:

200m + straight, + the session was for 4x60m split runs, due to being a indoor program. Which yes = 240, but it was for 3 sets of that. Hence the 3rd effort was 200m. So total volume remained unchanged.

Day 2,
Tempo day.
jog to park and carry med ball
tempo repeat’s with med ball throws every 2nd effort
about 20min worth
Jog home, still had to carry med ball.

Tens machine on groin and glutes to relex.

Day 3.
speed day.
no blocks, so
2 x (3x 30m) accelerations
3 min rest reps and 6 min rest sets.

20 easy 20 fast 20 easy
3reps, with 5min between reps
2reps, with 8min between reps

Groin felt 80% in first 3 accel. then 98% for the rest of the session.

Lunges up hill, 10per leg
3 sets
hard med ball work out, really driving the ball hard into wall and throws high and hard into air.
No axcess to gym.

easy hard easy, felt like the Sprint position was being hit well, and hence, high speed felt like it was being acheived. it felt like such a brief period of time for the 20m, still, i felt like a touch more speed is possable with a longer lead up than 20m easy.

Because it was Saturday? :confused:

Pleased groin coming right.

Nar, it was friday evening, no child minding on fri arvo’s. and wife was on afternoon shift till late.
once gym membership runs out, might have to get my gym back from a mate, he lives 8hrs north though.

weekend, went fishing sat, no time left for training sat…
Sunday, got caught up doing studies!! now there is a first, next thing i know, its dark.

speed endurance session
warm up felt OK, hard to warm up in high winds, it cuts through you too keep you cool.
280m, 37.75, felt really tired after it? within 5 min, i was nearing being asleep? what the…
200m didn’t time, felt OK, but the cold high winds seemed to cool the tendons down. worked on technique, stepping over, dorsiflexion and triple extension.
very tried at the end. was going to do another 200 or 280 but something felt wrong. went home. possibility of dehydration, didn’t think that i drank much this morning, by days end, i think that my daughters slight sickness was rubbing off on me. sore guts. Explains why the tiredness…
Normally shake crap like this in 24hrs. see how i go.
Rating of session,
2. was not impressed.

Damn, :frowning: take it easy.

Felt better today, was too busy to notce if i felt like crap though, my day finnished at 9.30 at night!
squeased in a tempo session
felt crap at start
finnished off with a good tempo run session

Pleased, 6.5 out 10.

stomach bug got me a massive wednesday. felt slugish all morning, but no signs of stomach problems.
lunch time, what ever was in there, came out, over the course of the next 8hrs.
lost 3kg in weight, mostly fluid of course
lemon water seems to be the only thing i can keep down
No training today,( thursday) either, goto get them fluids back
rating, -10.


:frowning: not good take your time coming back into it.

mostly filled up in the fluid department, perhaps half a kg off?
speed session - reduced by 1/4% to allow for weeks sickness.

3x30m high starts 3min rec.
3x30m belly starts, 3min rec - no blocks to use, so did belly starts

2 x 20 easy 20fast 20easy 4min rec
2 x 20fast 20easy 20fast 8min rec

Track session felt great. starts felt good for 1st 20m but need to learn to then relax a lot more after the drive

the 20fast bits felt really fast, i could actually feel the hammies working during the run, before, i could only feel the hammies at the end of a effort- fatigue, lactic ect.
Still got some work to be done getting used to actually running real fast, yrs of running on grass does not compair to running on tartan/mondo. the Feel of what goes through your body is totally different. And the speeds are much faster.

One arm Rows
8x 40kg
5x 50kg
Dumbell bicep curls
3 x 7 x 17.5kg
Wrist twists
3 x 7 x 20kg
Tricep push downs
10x 40kg
2 x 10 x 60kg

Sit up machine
3 x 7 x 50kg
Med ball sit ups
side sit ups

Gym session, felt great. Some of the movements felt real easy.

8.5-9 out of 10

whaup with ur strength program

I take it you don’t agree with what he’s currently doing? Why not give him some pointers as to what he may be doing or not doing?

If I may chime in, I don’t really see any compound movements in there besides the RDL’s, and the Bench. Why no cleans, deadlifts (regular), or squat? I may have missed something though. Just from observation! You can always add in variations too, ie snatch dead, front squat, bulgarian split squat, incline bench, etc etc… Alot of stuff to choose from.

Remember the body works as one unit, so alot of your isolation exercises may be scrapped until you start getting a bit more efficient with some more basic compound lifts. (tricep pushdowns, bicep curls, wrist curl-- good here and there but can’t be replaced for the ones that are going to benefit most!) Hope I can be of help, best of luck!

lol- bc i want to here his reason before i give advance, if u been following his training he has a groin injury so thats why he may not be doing squatting etc.

Ah I see. Gotcha. My mistake. :cool:

Reasons for gym program.

  1. am doing basic strength maintance (as strong as i want to be for now). volume and intensity has droped to allow more energy for resuming track.
  2. RDL’s being the exception, i want to improve upon them only, (at the moment)
  3. Arms work, a lot of back work is hindered by arm strength (lack thereoff), Particually bi’s and forearms. + they are only done 30sec recovery and 3sets. And as the arms are improving, back work, and deads work is also improving.
  4. Squats - scrapt them yrs ago, found better translation to track from deads n RDL’s, for me.
  5. Regular Deads - Having a small break from them while i get used to RDL’s and resuming track running. Start them again perhaps SPP2. Have been doing them regulary till about 2months ago.
  6. Bench - i incorporate 3 styles, decline, flat and incline. Rotate them i do.
  7. Back work - One arm rows, seated rows chin ups. rotate them, might include barbell rows next season.
  8. shoulders - military presses and rear shoulder raises - rotate them, but sometimes forget?? or sometimes too fatigued if a good track workout.
  9. Calfs - a must if only for the great stretch a heavy load produces. keeps the calfs loose and flexabile.

dont understand it at all.

is it really necessary that you do? :cool:

Seemed to make reasonable sense to me not that that is important either :stuck_out_tongue: .

r u talking to me, if so come again.

Yes I was. What is it about his reasoning you can’t follow?

He is following a program that works for him and he is getting results from, surely that is the critical factor.