Bodybuilding and sprinting

I’m going to start training for mass, like an ‘‘off season’’ thing. I need to keep sprinting through out, I only have one day for it and don’t want to stress my CNS.

Should I stick to 30m?

i think u should really consider ur fitness training during that time. remember u dont wana be a lifting very heavy weights and have loads of bulk and then struggle for the latter 70m of the race. thats a qs u should ask urself.

What is the end-game here? Do you plan on competing in sprinting or is this just a personal thing?

I know, I thought about that but as I’m only bulking for 4 months I think it’s better to just get it out the way at once.

Anyway, I definitely don’t want to change my approach (it’s all logical somewhere down the line, just too long to explain :D).

I need to know if 30m sprints will not drain my CNS, anyone? Or can anyone suggest any sprint work that won’t stress my CNS?

Sprint related sport.

Please don’t question my methods, I just need to know how to not stress my CNS, by sprinting.

I’m not questioning your method. The question is to find out what would be best for you. Why do you say what your training for.

I’m not sure what you mean … but sprinting will always hit your CNS in one way or another - less with low volume and short distances. 20-30m shouldn’t drain you too much if you settle for lesser numbers of runs.

okay then if thats the case then 30m should be just fine
gluck with this