Body type/Angles

How does an individual’s body type affect the angles at which the individuals body position should attain during each meter of a 60m race?

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I’m not sure if I am answering what your are looking for, but generally the shorter the sprinter the faster times are shown. Shorter sprinters take less time to unwind to full triple extension.

A taller athlete will demonstrate a lighter forward lean at all phases in the acceleration. Because their mass “reaches higher” than a shorter sprinter’s, it takes less lean to displace the same mass as a shorter sprinter. This mass displacement (COG) is needed to accelerate.

Limb angles, on the other hand, might be greater for a tall athlete in order to shorten their longer levers and maintain frequency. It’s rare to see a very tall sprinter not carry his arms more closed and fully recover above his knee. The differences between tall and short sprinters here is especially noticeable toward the start.
Examples: Carl, Francis Obikwelu, Ray Stewart.
Exceptions: Linford (although he recovered quite high, his arms opened fairly wide)