Blocks vs standing-start


don’t know what the q is but anyway i’ll guess.standing start is faster than block start.

ok so there you go

Actually the question was whether a properly executed block-start could yield such an improvement over a standing start as to cancel out the time used to react to the gun.

a standing start will always be quicker due to the fact you can accelerate quicker and reach top speed much faster

You mean for the timer to react to the gun? If so, I’d say easily. How much a properly executed block start can help also depends on the length of the race because it can set up the rest of the race.

Heres what I really wanted to ask.
From a video of myself running a 60 I have gotten a time of 7 seconds. This could be called an electronic time ,timed from the first movement. In the video i start to jogg in a tempo slower than walking from 10 meters behind the line, then when i step on the line i go for it.
For reaction I add 0.2 to get 7.2.
How much ,if at all could using blocks decrease this time?

thor first of all,your actually moving before you reach the line sort of like a run-in.whats the point.start from a motionless movement and react when you hear the your case the fact that you are already moving before the line will add 1 or 2ths onto the 60m when using blocks you can add on another 10th minmum

The thing is ,from a standing or crouching start I tend to over-reach for the first few steps, so I stick with the jogging start. This does not happen from blocks though.
Even though I over-reach from standing my times over 30 meters stay the same, no doubt due to more aggressive running. I was thinking that blocks could mean the best of both methods ,i.e aggressive but controlled.
Take into acount too ,that jogging im covering less than a meter per second, so that when I reach the line im all but fully erect, then I have to lean over taking a couple of tiny steps more akin to stepping. In other words there is a big change of direction.

Time will tell…

thor i can’t see how your method will help your stride your stand + block starts from still,react to the gun.train for what you are going to be doing ina got to ask yourself why am i over-striding out of the blocks??

concentrate on running out of the blocks rather than powering your way out which can lead to over-striding.just run out of them and let your feet touch down naturally.pump the arms from the gun faster and after clearing the blocks they will naturally open up to be less vigorous.some say the arms dictate what the legs do,i agree with this statement but to a certain extent but i do think this can help with your problem

Thanks for your answers X-man.
What this thread really shows is that it is about time I start competing.

X-Man what proof do you have to back up your claims that Stand starts are faster vs Block Starts. Mind you, I am not disagreeing, I just wanna know, your proof. Any feedback Charlie?? :frowning:

Huh? Standing starts are faster than block starts?!? Then why aren’t all of the top sprinters out there using standing starts? Why has no one run a sub-10 with a standing start?

The confusion may be that most of the time, standing starts are clocked from the first step whereas block starts are times from the gun. That is why standing start times seem faster, but if we compare apples to apples, block starts win every time.

yes i will back myself up 100% in this one and have proof.with standing starts you will reach topp speed quicker but over 100m you would have an adverse effect as in reaching top too soon and then what…from all my training runs my stand starts would be average 1-2ths faster.

december 2000-stand starts 50m=5.4
block starts 50m=5.5/6

i know most of you guys are saying -yeah right x but i find that they are faster over shorter can open up more with lesser distance using SStarts because you can be upright quicker than using the traditional start

ok, then why do no top sprinters use a standing start for indoor meets (60m or less)?

I’d say that if your standing start is faster than your block start that you either need to work on your block start technique or strength levels (although the latter may take care of the former!)

I’ve timed myself over around 40m with both standing and fake down start, meaning without even having blocks but being down in the position. The standing was about .3 slower than my average time for those down starts was!

Block starts are faster for a fully developed athlete. But… they do use more training energy which could be utilised to work on other areas depending on the session.

Thor, you are doing what is called a rolling start as distinct from a flying start a standing start a down start or a block start :). If you are covering 60m in around 7, I would expect about 7.5 FAT from the blocks. I would guess that you are covering the last 30m in about 3.2. Correct?

what is it called when you start a step off the line and step into it? is that a rolling start?

Originally posted by QUIKAZHELL
what is it called when you start a step off the line and step into it? is that a rolling start?

Maybe a type of falling start?

actually the last 30 meters are covered in 2.96. 74 frames of a 25frames/sec clip.

Originally posted by QUIKAZHELL
what is it called when you start a step off the line and step into it? is that a rolling start?

Isn’t that just called starting ‘from first step’?