Block System (conjugate-sequence) for endurance running

Jury Verkhoshanskij has published his new book on application of Block System (Conjugate-Sequence System) in endurance running.

The book can be purchased in electronic form (pdf) on his website.

This is the preface:

In the 50 pages of this book you will learn the theoretical and practical principles upon which the Block Training System for endurance running has been developed, the results of its experimentation, and how has been build the training model with the description of each training means and the training programs used.

However, these principles can also be applied to develop a BTS for other endurance sport disciplines. The author, using the basis of this model, has developed other models for different endurance sport disciplines: rowing, skating and skiing.

More than 20 years have passed since the beginning of the experimentation on this training model; however, it is still a “winning model” as demonstrated by the results of its application in recent years.

One of most successful applications has been developed by Prof. Y. Verkhoshansky and Oreste Perri, Italian Rowing National Team coach (canoe, kayak).

The Italian National team, via the integration of the BTS, won ten Olympic medals (four gold): five in Atlanta 1996, three in Sydney 2000 and two in Athens 2004.

The coaches engaged with endurance sport disciplines can find in this publication the bases and references to develop “their own Block Training System".

Here there is the rest of preface and the index:

The book is a tremendous resource!

I conducted the final editing and review of all the work and the content is nothing short of exceptional in so far as it clearly elucidates the Block structure as Dr. Verkhoshansky has developed it.

I totally agree with my friend James Smith.

I had the opportunity to do review and editing work on the primary translation in English of this book, and the material is excellent.

I highly recommended the material to anyone interesting to know more about the block system.

Book is good. This book is much more readable to the common American than his other publications in English.

This book is much more readable to the common American than his other publications in English.

Yes the reviewers apparently did a good job :wink:

I concur

Special thanks to Mark McLaughlin, Dan Partelly, Mark Bennett and Carlo Buzzichelli for having contributed their efforts during the early translation process.

(and yours truly for the final editing and review with Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky)

I stressed the importance of making Verkhshanskij’s books in English actually readable when I first met with Natalia and Massimo (her husband) and we seem to have got on the right track. I would like to thank Dan for his contribution on the first review and editing (he made things easier for me later).

I was very glad about the comment of Mortac.

James, I really think your contribution raised the quality of the final product, too.

The new version of the Manual will also be at this level.

And right you where. Professor Verkhoshansky’s work is very important, and the “plain English” used in this manual will allow the readers understand (and other cool things are in preparation) this material with ease.

Thank you guys : Carlo, James, Mark and Mark.

I would also like to thank to Dr Vekhsohansky and Dr. Natalia Verkhoshansky for the opportunity to be a part of this.

Well…sometimes also “plain italian” in his articles would have been good:)…
I’ll buy it and read it.

Haven’t read it but I would be interested. I tried to read some other Verkhoshansky stuff, but I couldn’t, especially his lates strength book which is crap. Anyway, Verkh is way over-rated… I guess he and you did a fine job with this book. Don’t know but I would love to find out.

As a side note, didn’t Jack Daniels utilize a form of block training in his ‘Jack Daniels Running Formula’, which is very readable book by one of the most prominent running-endurance coaches, field tested and easy to apply. If you ask me, I would pick this one, but… gotta check that Verkh stuff.


I have read many theory and methodology books and I consider the BTS book a must read. For istance, there is a very good explanation of the methodological process of conjugated training planning/programming.

As I have been reviewing also the new edition of the manual (what you refer to as the strength book) along with Dr. Natalia Verkhoshanskaya, I can tell you that the content is de facto excellent but the earlier translation was not up to par. In fact, sometime I think people must have pretended to understand more than it could have possible from such translation.

The manual will be another must read.

There has always been an aura of mystery with Soviet authors, which seems to attract people. Some of the protocols in the strength book show a real lack of understanding of some Western sports imo e.g., NFL. He seems to regard himself very highly and put down others including Schmidtbleicher, Bompa…

Even with a shitty translation, that book is good. Of course, due to less attentive translation and editing it requires an attentive study. It doesn’t spoon feed the baby, as it seems is the preference today.

Its just a catalog of tools … it doesnt require any understanding of any 'western sport".

Hopefully you will take the tools and apply them to your particular context. Or Bompa’s tools, or anything.

You do understand that book is not a “training for NFL book” , aint so ?

Who rated Verkhoshansky ? You ?

I just love when somebody says that a book he didnt even read, by his own admission, is crap.

Congratulations again.

On what basis are the works on the strength of JV crap?

Is it just your preference?

JV does not say: this is better than that.

He makes different assumptions and shall numerical comparison to find the best.

This is the scientific method (Galileo Galilei).

Have you numbers and graphs indicating that the block system is crap?, have you numbers and graphs to say instead that another programming is better?

Not enough words and impressions, we want facts, numbers and comparisons.

If you have these then it becomes interesting.

It’s just my opionion… its CRAP, it’s unreadable, I didn’t even bother. Again, this is only my opionion and I won’t give reasons, resources, references for it.
Sprinterogue, I look forward to new editions. Hopefully, more readable.

Dan, I have my opinions, if you don’t like them shut the hell up. I’m sick of your Verkhoshansky pimp-da-pimp here.

Really ? So what youll do ? Should I shake in great fear ?

Dont make me laugh.

Shake if you want, I don’t care, but ask Verkhoshansky first, if those vibrations are going to be helpful in your training, maybe cause gene transcription and delayed training effect.

You are only embarrassing yourself , Mladen, with great success. :slight_smile: