Bike riding

As a sprinter, would bike riding have any negative effects on sprinting? I am a student, and I’m considering getting a bike for next year as I can’t afford to run a car etc. It would be handy to have a bike as it would allow me to travel at my own convenience etc. The only thing is, my uni is a 25 min uphill walk, and it’s quite steep. I reckon i would ride there most days, even on days when I’m training. I am trying to lose weight, so I reckon it would be good for that, but whether or not it would have a negative overall effect, I’m not sure. Opinions???

maris i wouldn’t worry about the short bike will burn extra calories thus lose weight.don’t forget in order to lose weight you got to burn more cals than what you eat!!! just take the bike nice n handy

I think is does. I think when you do cardio other than tempo it hurts your fast twitch, and plus it will fatigue you for and from what you are trying to do on the track


You’re thinking a little too much young fella. Cars are expensive, public transit has too many sick people coughing in a confined space, walking and being on your feet can tire you for your workout.

X-Man is right in saying it can burn some calories. However, I think Sisco is right in saying it shouldn’t be a cardio ride. So, put the bike in an easy gear and do very little work riding uphill to school. You can also stop and talk to coeds along the way. (ahh … distant memories) And you can coast home. (on the bike I mean)

Hope that helps,
Football Coach

No, it shouldn’t unless you bike for hours. Crosstraining(such as biking) can help benefit sprinting by strengthening muscles and tendons that aren’t used very much.

It should be fine Maris…and while you’re riding to the track it should give you plenty of time to think about the 400’s that you’re going to start doing! :smiley: :smiley:

Joker man!!! Cheers for the replies guys, I think I’m definitely gonna get one, probably tomorrow to make sure I commit myself to the idea. Oh and J, I’ll never bike more than 200m either!

I think I may need to ride my bike. Gas cost way too much this summer.

I ride a bike. The only restrictions are that I only time trial to work once a month. Take the bus when I feel really beat up. Learn to relax. Don’t get hit by cars. Keep a positive mental attitude about it. Stretch or you’ll become tight as a mofo.

Don’t worry about it too much. I have to bike to campus everyday and do my track work as soon as i get to campus. As long as you take it easy on the ride in, it shouldn’t be a problem.