Big Meet In Two WEEKS!!!

So far this week I have trained on Monday and Thursday:

Monday: 8x200m 29seconds. 2min rest
Thursday: 4x300m 39seconds. 5 minute rest.

On the other days Wed & Friday. I have eben doing strength training and also next weke i’ll be doing the exact same thing through out all the days.

What else should I do so that I can prepare for this meet? drink lots of water…

All suggestions are appreciated. meet is on 14-16 of march!

what event are you training for?


go to the thread on classics and read up. it will help you out. try to lay out a plan afterwards and we can do our best.
what you are currently doing is intensive tempo, which is not speed work.

How come you aren’t doing any acceleration, speed or block work?

Why just the intensive tempo?

did you expect me to do speed work for the next two weeks?

you gotta be kidding me

i think it may be too late to worry about this meet. Go ahead and work on changing your program around to help you in future meets. we will be here to help in any way!

Saturday 0 “Competition - 3.10pm
Party start 6pm in spa by 6.30pm”
Friday 1 Rest
Thursday 2 Full Competition Warmup
Wednesday 3 Recovery
Tuesday 4 Weights (unable to throw)
Monday 5 Recovery
Sunday 6 Jumps (unable to use track)
Saturday 7 Massage
Friday 8 Recovery
Thursday 9 Weights & Throws
Wednesday 10 Recovery
Tuesday 11 Throws - last hard
Monday 12 Weights - Cleans Hard
Sunday 13 Recovery
Saturday 14 Competition - Seasons Best

There is my peaking plan-not in shape to do full peak. I have just done 14, 13 and 12.

The word hard on throws is 90% with competition weight. Only use that weight once every 2 weeks.

Speed is important, so don’t back off to early from it. See 10 day tapering peak - interesting

Better still, get your coach on the forum! It would be interesting to get his ideas behind this interesting taper :wink:

Have you read any of the threads on the 10 day taper? This would probably be quite helpful.

Good luck.