Bicep tendonitis

I was wondering what the proper treatment for Bicep tendonitis is. One of the pitchers on my team has had it since January and I feel that our training staff is treating him improperly since he hasn’t got any better over the last 2 months. Any recommendations with proper exercises, recovery methods, and supplements would be appreciated.

I’d suggest contrast baths (a lot!!) along with EMS and light recovery exercises. The trick is to train it back into health but to also not strain it into more injury.

I’m sure other people will be able to give you more in depth suggestions. Thats my 2 cents though!

can you elaborate on times and temperatures for this? ice cold and scalding hot?

Well, whenever I’d had muscular pain I’ve always taken a hot shower for about 5 mins, then switched it to rediculously cold over the muscle group for 3 mins. Then, I switch it back to hot but hotter then when I first got in (if you touch the water with a bodypart that didnt touch the cold, it should have a slight burning sensation). Cold again 3 minutes later, hot again 3 minutes after that for as long as you want. Usually my contrasting is maybe 15-20 mins? Then another one an hour or two before bed and a good sleep and I feel better. I always PNF stretch and static stretch though somewhere in between the post workout/pre bed contrast showers so I’d suggest he includes that. It’ll be easier to take the cold/hot switching since only his arm will be in it…when I have my back/legs to deal with water runs onto my chest and it’s killer haha.