Better Time to Train Vs Part Time Job

Probably i´ll start a part time job, so,
i don´t know yet if it will be at mornings or afternoons, maybe, i´ll decide this.
But first, i would like to know some basic rules of a good sprint train.
I read an interesting article about the Best Time to practise specific exercises.
In this article, they said that, the better time to run is 7:00pm, because of the temperature body and because of most of the body functions are higher than other times.
So, as we sprinters have 2 workouts a day ( track an weight work ),
what could be better ? ( assuming that my job will be at afternoons from 13:00 to 19:00 for example ).
Weights on morning before the Job and track work after at night ?
Track work at mornings and than Weights after Job ?
Or maybe should i take this Job at mornings ( 8:00 to 14:00 ), giving me a little time before the Job and all free in the afternoon & night ?
I know this is not the ideal ( a part time athlete career ), but for now, there´s no choice here.