Best way to improve top-end speed (your opinion)

I was wondering what you think is the best method of improving top-end speed. I dont mean the best type of program or something like that…i mean the best single technique (ie 60’s, flying 20’s, plyos, etc)

In my opinion, i would have to say that flying 20’s and flying 30’s are best for improving top-end speed. What do you think?

i think a combo of post chain work, over distance running for ur event, vert plyos, and genes.

How is genes a repsonse to improving your top end speed. You buy genes? You develop them? Lol, I agree with much of the rest you said tho.

i like flying 20’s and speed drills ie easy fast easy

The point I was trying to make is no matter how much training you do top speed is highly genetic base unlike accle development

technique is number 1

I think flying 20’s but it depends on the lead in distance. Most people do flying 20s with only a 20m lead in, which is not enough distance to hit top speed (such shorter distances are better for acceleration work). To work top end speed you need a longer lead in such as 40-50m depending on the performance level of the sprinter.

You’re really just giving yourself an extra 10m during the early acceleration so that you don’t burn as much energy overcoming resting inertia at the start. This more gradual acceleration leaves more energy available for later in the acceleration curve, allowing you to (hopefully) achieve a higher top end speed in the run than you would have with a more aggressive early accel. Charlie has often referred to biomechanical analyses that show that sprinters have tended to hit their highest recorded max velocities in races that had a more gentle acceleration. (However, this does not mean that the overall time for the race was necessarily faster, just the top speed achieved.)

CarL Lewis would be a prime example. Even Asafa Powell and Mo Green have not exceeded the peak V of Carl Lewis, though Ben matched it.

If you want to improve your top end speed, then you need to spend more time training at top speed. Probably the best way to do this is to run flying 20’s.

i agree flying 20, now which days would you include that in. The accel days up to 60 metres or the speed endurance days that are up to 120m

I thought Justin Gatlin’s 9.77 was highest velocity, I could be wrong, I read it a while ago. Not that I’m disagreeing with anything you said

What about flying 20s with an assisted start (bungee) like quik & charlie spoke of?

I think that an often over-looked area for improvement in top speed would be an improvement in flexiblity, because everything tends to stretch out further at top speed requiring a greater ROM.

Release the hip-flexors.

You might be right, I have not read the 10m split times of Justin Gatlin.

Carl Lewis.
Regularly recorded 0.83 10m splits (USUALLY BETWEEN THE 70 AND 90M AREA.)

Has a 0.81 sec split from somewhere, plus a 0.80 sec wind assisted 10m split in a world chamionship semi-final.

PJ posted the splits from Doha for Gatlin. I think .84 was the fastest in that race. Ben had a .81 in Zurich in 1986 with an easier acceleration. I think Carl has his fastest splits in Tokyo in 1991.

I was thinking that it would be more likely they were faster at peak velocity than Justin Gatlin’s peak v.

As my sprint times have been in-consistent, I have come to he conclusion that;

Factors such as REST, testosterone levals (influanced by my sleeping patterns mainly), electrolyte absorption,
Supple hip-flexors,…
…all seem to have as much influance as any change in the drills or exercises employed, when It comes to gains on top speed.

Strong and flexible hip flexors really do help top speed look at flo jo as mentioned by charlie, as small increase in hip height helped her run wr times

Hip flexors help with knee lift. Power helps with hip height.