Best time of day for a speed session

I remember from reading one of his ebooks that Charlie has stated that you need to be awake for a certain period of time before you peform a speed session because of something that has to do with the nervous system. The basic premise, i believe, was that in order to get the most out of a speed session you have to have been awake for quite a few hours before you can go out and do it. He also stated that you shouldn’t even take a nap anywhere near the time that you are planning on going to sprint…does anyone know the number of hours that Charlie reccomends you be awake before you go to your workout?

I, personally, have a great amount of energy for the first few hours after i awaken for the day, and then for some reason i have a huge energy boost late at night. Between those times i dont really feel like working out. I would like to start performing my speed sessions (done twice a week) during those first few hours after i wake up, but if my system isnt ready then i wont do this…do you really think that there is any problem with performing a speed session in the first few hours after you awaken? Thoughts?

you need to be awake for 5 hours before sprinting

you can take an extremely brief nap before sprinting, ben did before the 1987 world champ final.

how brief?

Your lethargy during the day may have something to do with your diet. Are you getting enough slow burning carbs throughout the day. ?

-Good point…come to think of it i dont really get that many slow burning carbs…please give me some examples of foods that contain good slow burning carbs other than rice.

Hawiian Surferboy: I assume that you mean that after 5 hours of being awake that it is ok from that point and onwards to do a speed session? What i mean is, would it be better to do a speed session after being awake 8 hours compared to just being awake 5?..or will it not matter when you do a speed session as long as you have been awake for at least five hours (is the benefit the same)? do you see what im saying?

Muarice Green had Oats & some other food for breakfast. (in the archives of website).

Oats are a slow burning carb.
Non-stick frying pan, otherwise it’s a nightmare.

Rice is not that slow to be honest, If I eat much rice with anything I’ll dose off within an hour or two.

I’m pretty sure that the body reaches its highest internal temp between 3-5pm. I’m not positive on that though anymore.

I would not assume it would not matter how long youve been awake, obviously to a point, if youve been awake for 20 hours, youre not gonna help yourself. You can be awake for only 2 hours and do a speed session, you most likely wouldnt be at peak form however. But for a race you want to be up for at least 5 hours. If youre up for 8 hours it wouldnt be problem.

Thanks for the clarification.

What are the consequences for doing a speed workout early in the morning? It takes me longer to get warmed up, but after I finally get ready, I think it is better since I am on my feet all day. I am more fresh in the am.
Also, the best time for my hs ahtletes to get a speed workout is in the morning since they have weightlifting class.
Or would it be better to have them do the speed session after weights since they have been awake for 8 hours instead of about 30 mins.