Ben's Max Squat

I’ve read it was 2 sets of 6 with 600 lbs past parallel.

My question is, Is there any reason for me to squat with lower reps than this? I could be wrong, but I’d guess its safer to use 6 reps than it is to use 2 with more weight.

So if Ben never squated with lower reps than six, why should I?

If it matters I’m 17 years old, 195 lbs, play lacrosse, and have a weak squat.

Thanks for the help

design a program for yourself, ben is a totally diff athlete then you

I know he is a different athlete, but if he could get that fast without ever using reps below 6, is there a reason I should need to? It just seems like a safer alternative.

he did do lower reps the 2x6 was done after he his max strength levels were high… stop avoiding hard work - lift the weights.

You have to remeber that Ben was squatting that much in his prime, so he had done all of the base work and worked up to that. You may have done a little base work but still need to work up to it. Its the same reason why elite sprinters need shorter gpp and beginners need longer gpp.

Maximal strength is a very important factor in strength training. So doing sets of 1-5 reps are needed to help build maximal strength and get stronger ultimately.

So don’t try to avoid it, if you have a power rack at your gym, use it!

6 reps would be safer as you say, But the max strength gains will not be as high as doing two reps with a bigger weight.

6 reps would be preferable if you have no spotter.

Is your squat weak compared to your peers, or weak compared to Ben’s? I think anybody age 17 is going to have a weak squat compared to adults with years of training behind them.

Well it seems strong compared to my gym (YMCA). But compared to everyone on the internet, it’s shit.

My max is probably in the mid 200’s (past parallel).

At age 17 assume that you are still growing or maturing (more than likely that you are) you DO NOT have to train with heavy weights to gain max strength at that age as the growth will ensure development in the max strength realm. Build the capacity for lifting heavy by doing 4,5,6 reps with the occasional forays into the doubles and triples domain. Your natural growth and hormonal development will take care of the max strength gains. Incidently, 4-6 reps ARE submax but you have many years ahead of you to max out and and do triples and doubles and the OCCASIONAL 1 rep. Aim for doubles and triples at 19 years and onwards.

sounds like excellent advice

Thanks Martn

I’ve been using a periodization for my main four lifts like this:

W1: Figure out 3 rep max + assistant lifts (4 days)

W2: 6x3 + assistant lifts (4 days)

W3: 4x5 + assistant lifts (4 days)

W4: 3x8 + assistant lifts (4 days)

W5: re-test 3RM, NO assistant lifts (2 days)

The only problem is I’ve been ending up testing 1RM on my fifth week, and I end up with cracking joints afterwards for a week (definately a bad sign).

I’ve decided to have a reps at: 6x4, 4x6, 3x8. I’m also going to stick to testing 4RM instead of going lower. I’ve gotten carried away with numbers, and I’ve got to stop.

Does this sound like I’ll get enough max strength without the higher chance of injuries?

Thanks again

I love this!! You, my man, are on your way!!

Love this, too!!

utfootball4 -
stop avoiding hard work - lift the weights.

I don’t understand. Who says I’m not working hard?

Kellen -
if you have a power rack at your gym, use it!

No, I don’t have a power rack. + thats not even the reason why I’m questioning lower reps.

How long have you been squatting for?

About a year

what was bens vertical jump ?

We never looked at it so I don’t know.

I think we all know what performance indicators mattered when it came to Ben!! I could tell you what his 100 was!!

Who says he NEVER used reps lower than 6?

If you’re form is solid, there isn’t really any “safer” rep range. More strength at lower reps. My squats usually range between 3-5.

PR 315x3. Working on going lower today.