Benefits / Effects of 1 off max strength sessions

I understand how the normal effects of typical 3/1/3 max strength phases work in terms of speed work and peaking for competition - but could anyone put me straight about the possible benefits/deficits/timing of 1 off max strength sessions during SPP/Comp phase.

For one reason or another I haven’t been to get in all the strength work I would have liked during the winter and with competition looming I feel I would benefit from a little spike probably in the bench area, not aiming for pb’s but just taking it up occassionally as opposed to maintaining what strength I have at present.

Opinions much appreciated.



Although even under the circumstances (i.e., missed sessions) a maintenance programme might have been best, I don’t think this would negatively affect you anyway, especially if it’s bench press. There are times when weights are going up anyway during competitions, since other elements are going down in terms of volume.

Just don’t overdo it, put it in the right place at the right time and you’ll be fine! :wink:

Thanks Nik

Question is - what is the right place/right time? - my gut feeling is that it would be at the beginning of a 14 day taper ahead of an important competition.

Any thoughts?



Difficult to answer without knowing anything else about your schedule so far and also during this tapering period.

However, the 14 day-period you are referring to might be too long; perhaps 6-8 days before the target date might be a better time frame with another one 3-4 days before, but this time targeting muscles not directly involved in the activity (e.g., bench press for running).

Neither of these has to be max, but rather at ~90% of max -not the best time to top your max strength…

Hope it helps!

I think ur right - 90% is probably a better idea. I had an ACC session yesterday two days after the 100% bench on saturday, and a rotator cuff tightened up a little during the warm up, no damage but uncomfortable - so I’ll also consider the placement more carefully next time and allow more immediate recovery.

Didn’t seem to affect my speed tho, so from a CNS point of view there didn’t seem to be a negative result.

Thanks again :slight_smile: