Ben Johnson's 88 Bio max weights every time he lifted


I have a question for people who can answer this. I have a biography of Ben Johnson from 1988 That said everytime Ben Johnson did weights he did as much weight as he could in the sets given. Maybe charlie could give some clarification on this. Is it saying he did only what he could or is it saying he took the weight very high now matter what? If he did that is amazing.

Thank you

In '88 the numbers Charlie has given us seem unreal. Over 300 in the incline press for reps, over 400 in the bench, and over 650 in the squat. I imagine Ben could not do too much more and the weights were f’in heavy.


This is silly. Do you really thing Charlie would have him do that?

450 x 2 was an accidental lift. They didn’t realise they were using the 25 kg plates. I do not think they ever even went near his repitition maximum in the weights. It would’ve done him more harm than good.

I know that. I am just posting the correct information.

There is a difference being in prime form and getting there – a 250-pound squatter that never hits near maximum weights will never reach 600 unless he “grinds” for a few (too many) decades. And that of course is a waist of time. Unless you’re in for a thirty year project … hit the max. weights at least once in a while.