Ben Johnson

Can anyone point me in the right direction, I am looking for a old topic about Ben being too lazy to perform long speed endurance work…

24 x 60m ain’t lazy, just a different approach.

I can’t find the thread using the search function, can you point me in the right direction?

no idea- if it was titled Ben is lazy, I wouldn’t have paid much attention frankly

LOL, it wasn’t about Ben being lazy, if I can remember correctly he didn’t like during the longer SE work (250-300’s) and he felt weaker when during such work etc…

24 x 60? that is some high quality speed endurance. what was the intensity? 95%? even so that is an incredible session. how close to a big meet was that session?

There are the two chapters in Speed Trap where it is discussed. Ben asked CF keep the 300m SE work out of the program and limit the SE work to 200m. The 200’s were introduced into the training and he did look fresher, as a result.

Beginning of the SPP. For an example of the structure you can look at the SPP example shown in the Vanc04 download. The numbers there are from 1987 when speeds had progressed and therefore numbers had been reduced.

I believe in Angela Issajenko’s book she made that comment about Ben.

does any one have any info (data preferrably) comparing ben johnson’s “leap” start or a more traditional start is more advantageous? i’m certain that for most, no one has the leg strength to jump outta the blocks. I also can’t find a slow mo replay of ben’s starts so I can’t really follow everything he’s doing

Charles University in Prague (Czech Rep) participated in a biomechanics study on the 1988 Seoul Olympics in athletics. Ben’s start especially was subject of interest with the final observation that he had made a major contribution along the lines of he had managed to raise his centre of mass without raising his centre of gravity, in in some way therefore was able to gain a significant advantage over conventional starters. I may have that wrong because I haven’t seen that video for many years.

The center of mass is the center of gravity. One of them can’t be raised while the other is kept down.