Beginning strength training

When I begin to add strength training to my program next week, should I start out with higher-rep protocol (such as 8-10 reps) before progressing to more intense lifting? It makes sense to me that I should precede high intensite work with some low(er) intensity conditioning


Sorry if u have posted this info before but what is ur age, training background, times/ level, main events? Details of training up to this will also help give a better answer.

I’m 20 years old, and I just started training again this week after not having sprinted since HS two years ago. Check my training log for more info

This should be relevant

Pre Strength phase thread.

THANKS for the link; the general concensus seems to be that lifting in the high rep range should be limited or eliminated alltogether.

However, I would like to know if it would not be wise to use the 8-12 protocol JUST for the first few workouts to “break my muscle in”.

My rationale is this: if I do 2 or 3 sets with a heavy load on my first day, I’m probably gonna be out for the rest of the week. DOMS city. 8-12 reps might not inflict such damage? The weather is too nice right now to sit out recovering all week!!

Guys remember lower reps does not nessarily mean higher intensity. Just use a larger buffer when introducing a new stimulus.

KevinG I find that when returning to weights after a break or layoff (several months or more), volume determines how much DOMS i have. It has not mattered whether I started with high or low reps (I have started/restarted both ways more than once)

I am a fan of the 8-12 rep protocol only for a meso to get adapted, then right into hypertrophy or max strength. I know what it is like going right into strength training at heavy weights/reps/volumes etc. as my football coaches, when I played, had us do that. But, since I am doing circuit training and GS exercises before I can get to the gym I will be better set to go into higher volumes and weights, etc.

My 2 pesos again.

Not to sound stupid, but what is a buffer?