Been a month of sprinting...time for a change?

I’ve been really hesitant in upping my volumes for sprints…but heres how ive done it in about a month

Accel Dev: 240 to 290m
Speed Endurance: 360 to 400m
Max Velocity: 130 to 160m

I’ve used multiple different schemes and array of volumes, but im just not sure if im doing this right. I was thinking of maybe for the next 13 weeks doing something like the following:

(Accel= accel dev./// speed = speed endurance./// max= max velocity)

Max volumes reached

Accel: 290
speed: 400
Max: 160

Week 1:

Accel: 310
Speed 380

Week 2:

Accel: 280
Speed: 430
Max: 180

Week 3:

Accel: 290
Speed: 390
Max: 210

Week 4:
Accel: 330
Speed: 400
Max: 190

Week 5:

Accel: 300
Speed: 460
Max: 200

Week 6:
Accel: 310
Speed: 420
Max: 230
Week 7:
Accel: 300
Speed: 400
Max: 200

New max volumes:

Speed Endurance: 460
Max: 230

Week 8
Speed Endurance: 430
Max: 210

Week 9
Speed Endurance: 500
Max: 220

Week 10
Speed Endurance: 450
Max: 250

Week 11
Accel: 380
Speed Endurance: 460
Max: 220

Week 12
Accel: 350
Speed Endurance: 530
Max: 230

Week 13:
Accel 360
Speed Endurance: 490
Flying Sprints: 270

But then again, im really REALLY unsure if i should go about this plan or to find another(something probably way different and better planned) idea! Any recommendations? If it helps, im mostly aiming for 100m…thats what im training for. With this volume scheme i would just use a great variety of distances and number of sprints…in such a way that i would reach the volume shown above

Thanks for any help!

Your volumes look okay as is I would say, although your MaxV could probably be slightly higher. If you’re still making gains I would stay with the volume you’re currently doing for a while. That being said the your plan looks pretty sensible, just be very careful, and constantly moniter how you feel, and make sure your times keep going in the right direction.

Awesome, thanks!

Do you have any other critique or advice? :slight_smile: Or do you think i should just follow that plan but maybe increase max V volume and definately monitor how im feeling?

No, that’s about all I have to say, you seem to be on the right track. Others on this board know a lot more than me though so just seek a second opinion.

Great, I appreciate the help a lot!

Anyone else?


How are you going about doing this work? I mean do you have mon, wed, and fri for accel, maxv, and spend respectively with tempo in between? Is there another thread with an example of what you’ve been doing?

Monday: Acceleration Dev.
Wednesday: Speed Endurance
Friday: Max Velocity

Tempo I’ll usually just do something light maybe bike ride, but if I have the time I’ll usually do the standard tempo

Need any more info? If not, from all the info ive given now, does my plan above seem feasible?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve always been taught that you want to develop each element of sprinting separately and then build off of that. For example, for the first month you would focus on accel dev. 2x a week and MaxV 1x a week. Then for the second month you would do accel dev. 1x a week and MaxV 2x a week. Then for the next month you go MaxV 1x a week and Speed Endurance 2x a week. That way, you build each element successively and it allows you to peak at the right time. What I gave was just a general outline and obviously a program is more specific and detailed than that. Can someone else verify that for me, or am I just wrong.

not necesarily. you generally want to keep working ALL components concurrently. it might look something like this:

accel dev 2x a week and 1 day of endurance
accel dev 1 day, maxV 1 day, endurance 1 day
short speed 1 day, maxV/SE 1 day, SE1
short speed 1 day, SE, SE1/SE2

Those are different WEEKLY plans right? I’m guessing it is, so if thats true, then how can i switch up my templates/volumes/intensity with such schemes? Well, let me rephrase. The problem i have is mjy understanding of how to effectively train in the LONG TERM. I understand how to schedule workouts for like upcoming few weeks, but i just dont know how to periodize or plan workouts/ideas for the upcoming MONTHS. Any ideas on that?

Alright guys, i really appreciate the help! Thanks!

build up a strong base of aerobic running, develop speed, then gradually as the season progresses dropp off the aerobic work, work on speed endurance now that uve developed speed, and start working on ur power speed. hope this chart serves any help

Percentage of Emphasis Chart For Workouts

Types of Workouts Fall Early Mid Late

Speed Endurance 75 90 100 100

Tempo Endurance 100 100 100 75

Strength Endurance 100 90 80 70

Endurance Running 100 20 10 5

Power Speed 20 60 70 80

Event Runs 25 90 100 100

Power Speed 20 60 70 80

Strength 100 100 100 100

Thanks Komy! Thats an interesting idea ill have to consider there!

Anyone else?

Actually, I’ve been talking to this guy, he thinks im being a pussy and should totally up my speed endurance volume, what do you guys think?

Should I just go straight to 600m volume next week? Then in 3 weeks bump it up to 800m volume? My highest speed endurance volume is 400m. So what do ya’ll think? Track starts sometime in March, and im planning on primarily running the 100m, so im not sure what to do for my speed endurance workotus now really. I was thinking its more quality over quantity, but I guess this guy is telling me that its qwuality but i also need much more quanity, about twice as much easily?

Any thoughts?

Anyone please?

Speed Endurance is very taxing, and I wouldnt take it over 500m in one day, and even then I think thats a bit much if you dont work up to it, but thats just from my experience.

Yeah, I was thinking the same, especially with the concept of quality over quantity.

Anyone else?